Tatted edging tutorial, käpyilty reunapitsiohje


Working through the steps for this tatted lace edging from my previous post 🙂

This is the pattern: Ring 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3, chain 5-5-5-5-5-5-5, turn work, join to the 4th picot of the ring, chain 5-5. Repeat, joining the first picot of the longer chain to the last picot of the previous long chain. Finish with a long chain.

Renkaan alku

Start with the thread attached to your shuttle if you can. This way you won’t have any spare ends to deal with here 🙂 For this lace you’ll need about twice as much thread “on the ball” as on your shuttle. So start with the ring: make 3 double stitches, picot, three double stitches, picot etc. until you have 7 picots. Then add 3 more ds (double stitches).

1. rengas

Close the ring.

1. ketju

Now start the chain with the thread from the ball. Make 5 ds, picot, 5 ds, picot etc. until you have 6 picots, finish with 5 ds.


Turn the work and tighten the chain. Pull your shuttle thread through the middle picot of the ring.


Make sure you keep the chain thread tight, put the shuttle through the loop and tighten the knot. You could also use the ball thread for the loop, but that tends to twist the chain, which I don’t want.

2. ketju

With the ball thread make the little chain: 5 ds, picot, 5 ds.

2. rengas

Tighten the chain and make a ring (3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3).

3. ketju

Now you have to turn the work before another long chain. Start it with the 5 ds. Then join to the opposite picot, i.e. the last one of the previous long chain. Continue the chain until you have 7 sets of five double stitches. Turn work and attach to the middle picot of your last ring as explained earlier. So there are three parts in all for this lace: ring, long chain, small chain which you repeat in that order, finishing with the long chain.

Magic thread

Here is the last ring of this bit of lace. I’m incorporating a “magic thread” to the second half of the ring so that I can pull one of the ends inside the ring after I’ve finished. I use the same size thread as the one I’m working with. Fold a length about 30 cm long in half and thread it through your flipped half stitch loop before tightening it. Normally about 5-6 double stitches over the magic thread is enough. I started putting in the magic thread from the middle picot, which is where I’ll be ending the last chain. Work the ring to the end, tighten, and continue as normal.


I put another magic thread in with the last 5 double stitches of the last chain. When you’re at the end cut off the thread from your ball and shuttle, pull one of these ends through the middle picot of the ring and secure both ends with a double knot. As you might notice, the loop of the magic tread is on the wrong end of the length of yarn. To make it easier to pull your ends inside the work you first pull a loop of thinner thread through, and then the end you want to finish with this thinner thread. Before pulling all the way through, make sure you have the right ends on their way! Here for example I noticed – too late – that I was pulling the same thread for a second time and had to weave the other end inside with a needle :/

Hope this was helpful? Good luck and if you notice any mistakes, please let me know!

8 thoughts on “Tatted edging tutorial, käpyilty reunapitsiohje”

    1. Thanks Laura! If you feel too intimidated to try shuttle tatting I urge you to find some tutorials on needle tatting. That’s how I started and it’s really easy and fun! Some of my first needle tatted stuff from one and a half years back you’ll find in my first post about tatting called “Tatted lace“.


  1. Hello Liisa! I have tried tatting this pattern after seeing your wonderful tutorial. I have posted a picture of it on my blog. Still halfway through it. Will let you know how it goes after I get to finish the ending! 🙂 Thank you and have a great day!


  2. Beautiful! I haven’t dine tatting in ages and had never seen shuttle tatting. Very nice.


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