Dollmaking, nuken rakentelua

My first try at making a natural fibre Waldorf style doll. A few years ago I saw one for the first time and my immediate reaction was that I’d love to be able to make something like this. Since then I’ve bought a beautiful little doll for myself (whom I’ll introduce later) from a dollmaker I follow. After admiring other people’s dolls and many very talented creators out there, I’ve now started my own dollmaking journey 🙂

I bought a pattern and a tutorial for my ELLA 13″ doll from “Dearlittledoll”. I’m very happy with the detailed instructions although I did alter some of the measurements and proportions of the pattern straight off. I was lucky enough to find all the special natural fibre materials in local craft shops, even different types of skin material. Here are some photos of the making process.

And here she is ready and dressed in her new dungarees. I am busy making her some more (warmer) clothes 🙂

A big 💐THANK YOU💐 to all inspiring dollmakers who generously share their knowledge.

Branka of Dearlittledoll for the pattern and clear and easy to follow instructions.

Susie of Morethansomewhat for a very inspiring blog, and for my gorgeous little doll Henrietta whom I managed to purchase for myself.

Fabs of Figandme, who posts wonderful stories of her beautiful creations along with great information and tutorials on dollmaking.

And for doll inspiration: Mum and Dot (fabulous sculpted art dolls), Waldorfdollshop (also good general information about Waldorf dolls) …

I’ve started another doll for my granddaughter for her first birthday so you’ll be seeing plenty of doll posts in the future.

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