Winter doll, talvinukke

My new doll Kiti has piercing brown eyes, a bob haircut and a little dimple in her chin – attempting a likeness of my mother when she was small ūüėć

Her tulip sleeved dress is made from my husbands’ favourite old shirt. She has knickers made from an old camisole and her petticoat is edged with some lovely repurposed old lace. Her coat, hat and felted boots are made with a soft Drops alpaca. To keep her extra warm I also made her a pair of woollen leggings.

She’s waiting for some new clothes and some red shoes to match ūü§ó

In the meanwhile Kiti’s enjoying the snow ‚ĚĄ‚ĚĄ‚ĚĄ We’ll be getting plenty more according to the forecast!

16 thoughts on “Winter doll, talvinukke”

  1. Yes, who knows, may be that the garments are bought from a second hand vintage shop. Fantastic that the clothes look so new, spotless and are not a bit worn out. But perhaps they have belonged to a well behaving little girl who has not been permitted to take part in boys wild games?


    1. Parisian little girls are always very well dressed – and behaved! Kiti will have to change into dungarees for wilder games, as her clothes (made of used materials) will easily get torn. I’ll have to hurry up and make her some!


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