Bracelets and pearls, korujuttuja

I've made quite a number of chainmail bracelets for graduation gifts and birthday presents. Usually I use a weave called the byzantine chain, or "king's chain" as it's called in my native finnish. The weave of this slightly less elaborate design is called the 'Jens pind'. This particular bracelet was woven from little rings with… Continue reading Bracelets and pearls, korujuttuja

Byzantine chain, Kuningasketju

Inspired by my son´s adventurous historical hobbies, I broadened my jewellery making a couple of years ago from beads to chainmail. This design is a very popular one, probably as old as the byzantine times, as the name suggests. It feels and looks quite luxurious but at the same time it´s very easy to wear.… Continue reading Byzantine chain, Kuningasketju