Gingerbread Margaux

Introducing my gingerbread version from 2014 of one of the most iconic and recognizable Bordeaux wineries, Château Margaux, since I won't be making a gingerbread house this year. The back side of the building has a beautiful pair of curved stairs. The front steps are guarded by sphinxes. One of mine has a rather damaged… Continue reading Gingerbread Margaux

Gingerbread toy shop, Piparkakkulelukauppa

This year's gingerbread house is a toy shop, dedicated of course to my two month old granddaughter 😍 Toys in the window display and some bigger items on the shelf behind the counter. Above the shop is the living room, ready for the Christmas feast. * Tänä jouluna tein piparkakkutalosta lelukaupan kaksi kuukautta vanhan pojantyttäreni… Continue reading Gingerbread toy shop, Piparkakkulelukauppa

Gingerbread Pyynikinlinna piparkakkutalo

This Christmas I picked a dear old building as a model for my gingerbread house. It's an old private town house turned into a museum in a beautiful spot by the lakeside in the city of Tampere. Many, many hours of planning, baking, "plastering", tiling, window fitting, fixing of lights etc. More about the building… Continue reading Gingerbread Pyynikinlinna piparkakkutalo

Gingerbread housebuilding, piparkakkutalon rakentelua

This is the facade of this year's gingerbreadhouse. Still no roof and lots to do but here's how the project has gone so far... Drawing the patterns. This time I had some original blueprints to work with - great! Cutting and baking the pieces. A lot of different shapes and sizes. Glueing the windows on… Continue reading Gingerbread housebuilding, piparkakkutalon rakentelua

Gingerbread miniatures, pipari pienoismalleja

I've had time to finish the gingerbread house. The rose bushes now have stems, a little  box wood hedge surrounds the terrace and more barrels await handling outside the back door. I also had to try out if I could make a little directors chair to go under my sun shade. It took some wiggling… Continue reading Gingerbread miniatures, pipari pienoismalleja

Carsin revisited

Managed to get some better shots of the gingerbread Château Carsin yesterday. The sunshade is glued together from three pieces of gingerbread, one T and two C shapes, with a thin piece of sugarpaste for the shade. There are two really heavy wooden tables on the terrace and a lemon tree in a big flower… Continue reading Carsin revisited

Wedding cake, hääkakku

This is a showpiece cake I made for the Wonder Cakes stand at a Wedding fair this weekend - in one of my favourite colours of course! * Tällainen komistus lähti Unelmakakkujen osastolle Love me do -Häätapahtumaan. Kakkupohja on styroxia mutta koristeet kaikki syötävää sokerikuorrutetta. Alimmassa pohjassa on valkoisia hortensian kukkia, keskimmäinen hennon violetti kerros… Continue reading Wedding cake, hääkakku

Gingerbread house, piparkakkutalo

This year´s gingerbread house is a miniature of a run down house in our neighbourhood. It has been empty for nearly ten years and is quite a sorry sight. The theme for the yearly gingerbread competition of our biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, was "a part of Helsinki" - my home town, so I decided to… Continue reading Gingerbread house, piparkakkutalo

Mermaid cake, merenneitokkakakku

Ilmoittauduin kakunvalmistajaksi nuorten neitien syntymäpäiville testatakseni uusia silikonimuotteja. Tällä kertaa siis kesäinen meriaihe: vaaleansininen vaahtokarkkikuorrutus ja sokerimassasta tehtyjä koristeita. Ensin suunnittelin tekeväni päälle kaksi merenneitoa, mutta sitten kekkasin että pelkät pyrstöthän riittää. * This is a cake I offered to make to try out some silicone molds. It's a birthday cake for nine year old… Continue reading Mermaid cake, merenneitokkakakku

Sweet things for spring, keväisiä leivonnaisia

Preparing for the spring carneval of 1st May I´ve been making macarons and cupcakes. The orange versions are chocolate chip cupcakes with an orange cream cheese topping and the macarons have a chocolate and orange peel flavoured filling. I had some help from two little friends with the pink versions, flavoured with a raspberry coulis … Continue reading Sweet things for spring, keväisiä leivonnaisia