Coffee cheesecake, kahvijuustokakku

A wintery cheesecake flavoured with coffee and cardamom is coated with a coffee syrup that brings back memories of the little coffee bean sweets of my childhood. Recipe in English further down... * Juustokakkuun tuli ihana talvinen makuyhdistelmä poikani ehdotuksesta: kahvia ja kardemummaa. Siitä tuli niin hyvää että se pääsi uudelleen tarjolle uudenvuoden illalliselle. Kastikkeeseen… Continue reading Coffee cheesecake, kahvijuustokakku

Toscakakku, Tosca caramel cake

Another finnish classic from my children's wish list. This soft sponge cake is topped with an almond caramel and is the indisputable star of the traditional coffee table. Scroll down for the recipe. * Toiveohje taas jälkikasvulta. Suussasulavan kostea pohja on tärkeä osa tätä klassikkokakkua ja se kulkeekin reseptikirjassani nimellä "pehmeä toscakakku". Ainekset noin 25… Continue reading Toscakakku, Tosca caramel cake

Tarte Tatin apple pie, omenapiirakka

The apple pie in my previous post wasn't the one my offspring had asked for so here comes the other one. This legendary French version was concocted by the Tatin sisters in the 19th century - an upside down cake with a sumptuous coating of caramelized apples. In English further down... * Jälkikasvun pyynnöstä vielä… Continue reading Tarte Tatin apple pie, omenapiirakka

Apple pie, omenapiirakka

Red cheeked apples galore in our apple trees this year. Apple pie anyone?? Scroll further down for our family's recipe... * Omenapuiden oksat natisevat tämän syksyn omenasadon alla. Tässä meidän perheen suussasulavan omenapiirakan ohje. Ainekset: 150 g voita 3-3,5 dl jauhoja (osa esim sämpyläjauhoja) 1 rkl sokeria 5-6 omenaa 2 dl omenamehua 2 munaa 1… Continue reading Apple pie, omenapiirakka

Rhubarb and meringue “Brita cake”, raparperibritakakku

Summer really begins with a rhubarb cake! I've made this version several times for my mother's birthday which is at this time of the year and everyone seems to love it 🙂 * Tämä suussasulavan raparperipiirakan ohje on viiden vuoden takaisesta Kotivinkki-lehdestä. Lehti on aina raparperiaikaan kateissa joten kirjoitan sen nyt tänne muistiin. Britakakun voi… Continue reading Rhubarb and meringue “Brita cake”, raparperibritakakku

Blueberry cheesecake, mustikkajuustokakku

I tried this cheesecake with blueberries this time since my freezer is full of them :). I´ve used the same recipe many times for a blackcurrant cheesecake which works beautifully (and looks exactly the same). With the blackcurrant version I like to serve some whipped cream, this milder blueberry one prefers a little more taste… Continue reading Blueberry cheesecake, mustikkajuustokakku

Blueberry pie, mustikkapiirakka

Blueberry season! At this time of the year I always reminisce about my grandmother's wonderful blueberry pie. Unfortunately I never had the chance to ask her for the recipe but still in search of that perfect pie I've developed mine to quite a palatable one. In English at the end of the post... ' Metsät… Continue reading Blueberry pie, mustikkapiirakka

Rhubarb cheesecake, raparperijuustokakku

A classic cheesecake recipe flavoured with rhubarb. This should be made preferably a day in advance and chilled in the fridge. You can leave out the rhubarb altogether or use a substitute eg. cherries, but adjust the amount of sugar if you use a sweeter filling. Vanhanajan uunissa paistettu juustokakku raparperilla maustettuna. Raparperin voi hyvin… Continue reading Rhubarb cheesecake, raparperijuustokakku

Madame Bigo´s chocolate cake

This classic French recipe was written down by my mother on her visit to France about thirty years ago and since then it's been the most popular cake of our family. The only thing you have to whisk is the egg whites so it´s easy and quick to make. Don´t bake it for too long or… Continue reading Madame Bigo´s chocolate cake