Dressing up for a formal occasion, akateemisiin juhliin sonnustautumista

It's not often that I get to wear an evening gown, but this week-end a friend of mine celebrated her doctoral degree in the traditional way. She was dressed in a black long dress, which I had the honour of making for her and the guests got to put on their best and look quite… Continue reading Dressing up for a formal occasion, akateemisiin juhliin sonnustautumista

Aleksanterinleivokset, Alexander cake

This traditional Alexander cake's history goes back to the beginning of the 19th century; the name originates from a pastry cooked up for tsar Alexander I, then Imperial Grand Prince of Finland. Since those times it's been an essential part of every Finnish confectioner's assortment! Little wonder since they're easy to make for a bigger crowd… Continue reading Aleksanterinleivokset, Alexander cake

Wedding cake, hääkakku

This is a showpiece cake I made for the Wonder Cakes stand at a Wedding fair this weekend - in one of my favourite colours of course! * Tällainen komistus lähti Unelmakakkujen osastolle Love me do -Häätapahtumaan. Kakkupohja on styroxia mutta koristeet kaikki syötävää sokerikuorrutetta. Alimmassa pohjassa on valkoisia hortensian kukkia, keskimmäinen hennon violetti kerros… Continue reading Wedding cake, hääkakku

Piparkakkutaikina, gingerbread recipe

Still working on it but this is one window of this year´s gingerbread house (to be revealed later when it´s ready). The recipe below is for delectable little gingerbread cookies that will melt in your mouth! Don´t try making a gingerbread house out of it, you´ll need a sturdier dough for that! * Näin joulua… Continue reading Piparkakkutaikina, gingerbread recipe

Souvenirs from France, tuliaisia Ranskasta

An overwhealming fragrance of lavender fills the room when I open my suitcase after our yearly trip to France. Throughout the year I'm reminded of our summer holidays as the lavender continues to perfume our home in small bouquets around the house and specially made lavender pouches between the linen and in wardrobes. The little… Continue reading Souvenirs from France, tuliaisia Ranskasta

Flower arrangements, kukkia juhlapöytään

A graduation party in the family and the garden got dressed up for afternoon coffee 🙂  We bought one bouquet of pink roses and a couple of Aster flowers. Then added some white peegee hydrangeas, hydrangea paniculata `grandiflora` (a beautiful, hardy plant very popular here in my native Finland) with blueberry shrubs and heather from my… Continue reading Flower arrangements, kukkia juhlapöytään

In the pink, vaaleanpunaista

A dear friend gave me her summery silk dress to renew. The decoltée had sort of enlargened and she asked if I could do something to remedy this. I opened the middle seam and adjusted the front and back a little and then added a tiny bit of lace in the front to keep the… Continue reading In the pink, vaaleanpunaista

My flowering garden, kukkiva pihamaa

Hoping for a good blueberry harvest in mid July. So far it's looking good! Mustikka sadosta odotetaan erinomaista tänä vuonna, myös meidän pihallamme. A white chickweed flower, trientalis europaea, next to a lingonberry, vaccinium vitis-idaea. Lingonberries, like blueberries grow abundantly in forests all over our country so we'll be picking a lot of those too this summer 🙂 Metsätähti… Continue reading My flowering garden, kukkiva pihamaa

Colourful bloom, kukkien väriloistoa

Pink 'murillo' tulips opening up to fill up my balcony bloom of colourful ranunculus buttercups. A tip from my florist: they´ll blossom better when they have less room for their roots, so the more the merrier 🙂 Värikkäät jaloleinikit saivat seuraa aniliininpunaisista tulppaaneista, jotka sään lämmetessä ovat alkaneet avautua ja täydentää parvekelaatikkoni väriloistoa. Otin kukkakauppiaani vinkistä… Continue reading Colourful bloom, kukkien väriloistoa

Sweet things for spring, keväisiä leivonnaisia

Preparing for the spring carneval of 1st May I´ve been making macarons and cupcakes. The orange versions are chocolate chip cupcakes with an orange cream cheese topping and the macarons have a chocolate and orange peel flavoured filling. I had some help from two little friends with the pink versions, flavoured with a raspberry coulis … Continue reading Sweet things for spring, keväisiä leivonnaisia