Ellenin suukkoja, Ellen’s cookies

This is a transformation from cake (from this earlier post) to cookie. The combination of chewy almond meringue and coffee buttercream works beautifully in this form too. These delicious confections might not look as tempting but they surpass any silky, pastel coloured macaron I've ever tasted! * Ellen Svinhufvud kakun resepti taipuu loistavasti pienten täytettyjä… Continue reading Ellenin suukkoja, Ellen’s cookies

Ellen Svinhufvud kakku, coffee meringue cake

Layers of almond meringue with a coffee flavoured buttercream filling make up this fabulous cake. It was my choice for our wedding cake years back and this summer I decided to try to make it myself for a big summer party. Quite a success 🙂 I found the recipe on the net site of a… Continue reading Ellen Svinhufvud kakku, coffee meringue cake

Raparperi bébéet, rhubarb buttercream pastries

This is my attempt to combine rhubarb, a big favourite of mine, with a classic Finnish buttercream pastry called "Bébé", which I also love. The Bébé has been around for at least a century - I found the recipe in an old cook book of mine from  1922 🙂 * Bébé-leivos on valintani kahvilan kakkutiskillä.… Continue reading Raparperi bébéet, rhubarb buttercream pastries

Runeberginkakku, Runeberg time

Tänä vuonna tein Runebergit kuivakakkumuottiin. Samalla ohjeella kuin vuosi sitten, paistoaika vain tuplaantuin noin 45:een minuuttiin. Kostuketta ei tarvita mutta pieni Amaretto-likööritilkka ei huonontanut kakkua lainkaan 😉 Resepti on alun perin Myllyn Paras -sivuilta, minun tuunauksin. * This year I made the Runeberg cake into a round cake mould instead of the traditional little round… Continue reading Runeberginkakku, Runeberg time

Gingerbread miniatures, pipari pienoismalleja

I've had time to finish the gingerbread house. The rose bushes now have stems, a little  box wood hedge surrounds the terrace and more barrels await handling outside the back door. I also had to try out if I could make a little directors chair to go under my sun shade. It took some wiggling… Continue reading Gingerbread miniatures, pipari pienoismalleja

Coffee cheesecake, kahvijuustokakku

A wintery cheesecake flavoured with coffee and cardamom is coated with a coffee syrup that brings back memories of the little coffee bean sweets of my childhood. Recipe in English further down... * Juustokakkuun tuli ihana talvinen makuyhdistelmä poikani ehdotuksesta: kahvia ja kardemummaa. Siitä tuli niin hyvää että se pääsi uudelleen tarjolle uudenvuoden illalliselle. Kastikkeeseen… Continue reading Coffee cheesecake, kahvijuustokakku

Carsin revisited

Managed to get some better shots of the gingerbread Château Carsin yesterday. The sunshade is glued together from three pieces of gingerbread, one T and two C shapes, with a thin piece of sugarpaste for the shade. There are two really heavy wooden tables on the terrace and a lemon tree in a big flower… Continue reading Carsin revisited

Gingerbread château, Château Pipari

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!! This years gingerbread house has a real life model in the heart of the Bordeaux wine country, Château Carsin. * Tässä tämän vuoden piparkakkutalo jonka myötä toivotan kaikille oikein hauskaa joulua!! Mallina on suomalainen Château Carsinin viinitila Bordeaux:ssa. Carsinilla onkin erityinen syy juhlia sillä tilan viinejä juodaan Suomen 100-vuotisjuhlien… Continue reading Gingerbread château, Château Pipari

Toscakakku, Tosca caramel cake

Another finnish classic from my children's wish list. This soft sponge cake is topped with an almond caramel and is the indisputable star of the traditional coffee table. Scroll down for the recipe. * Toiveohje taas jälkikasvulta. Suussasulavan kostea pohja on tärkeä osa tätä klassikkokakkua ja se kulkeekin reseptikirjassani nimellä "pehmeä toscakakku". Ainekset noin 25… Continue reading Toscakakku, Tosca caramel cake

Tarte Tatin apple pie, omenapiirakka

The apple pie in my previous post wasn't the one my offspring had asked for so here comes the other one. This legendary French version was concocted by the Tatin sisters in the 19th century - an upside down cake with a sumptuous coating of caramelized apples. In English further down... * Jälkikasvun pyynnöstä vielä… Continue reading Tarte Tatin apple pie, omenapiirakka