The golden yellow silk stocking

The historical silk stocking I knitted two years ago was dyed last summer by the Refashioning the Renaissance research team. I had a chance to photograph the stocking last week, so here is the last update on my huge knitting project of two years back. The fustic dye (maclura tinctoria, keltapuu in Finnish) gave a… Continue reading The golden yellow silk stocking

Replica of a historical silk stocking, historiallisen silkkisukan kopio

This is a replica of a stocking dating from around 1650, that was found in the tomb of Elisabeth Bure in the Turku Cathedral. If you've been wondering whatever happened to this project, I did finish my version of this historical silk stocking, not too long after my previous post well over a year ago.… Continue reading Replica of a historical silk stocking, historiallisen silkkisukan kopio

Teeny-tiny knitting, Pikkuruisia neuleita

I'm taking part in a citizen science project trying to reconstruct a silk stocking from the 17th century. It's part of a larger project called Refashioning the Renaissance, studying clothing of that period in Western and Northern Europe. Our knitting team started practicing and making swatches with wool and 0,7mm needles. This is what I… Continue reading Teeny-tiny knitting, Pikkuruisia neuleita

Woollen stockings 17th century style, villasukat 1600-luvun tyyliin

I gave these fine stockings to my son's girlfriend for Christmas to go with her historical clothing (they are both into historical re-enactment and a lot of sewing... but I have the privilege to have been appointed knitter and lacemaker 😉 ) * Poikani ja hänen tyttöystävänsä harrastavat historian elävöittämistä ja ovat käsin ommelleet itse upeita asuja harrastuksensa innoittamina. Minä saan kunnian toimia "hovi"-kutojana ja -pitsintekijänä 😉

17th century style knitted socks, sukat 1600-luvun tyyliin

Here's a pair of socks I knitted for my son to go with his 17th century historical costume. Searching the internet for references I stumbled on many fascinating sites about the history of knitting. One of them was a blog called Global Encounters, by Paula Hohti, a finnish historian, textile researcher and professor of Art and Culture… Continue reading 17th century style knitted socks, sukat 1600-luvun tyyliin