Bracelets and pearls, korujuttuja

PiinaranneketjuI’ve made quite a number of chainmail bracelets for graduation gifts and birthday presents. Usually I use a weave called the byzantine chain, or “king’s chain” as it’s called in my native finnish. The weave of this slightly less elaborate design is called the ‘Jens pind’. This particular bracelet was woven from little rings with the inner diameter of 3mm. For the rings I used a 1mm thick solid silver wire, winding it around a knitting needle. For more info on how it was made and the chainmail technique see the post on the byzantine bracelet.


Tällaisia hopealangasta punottuja ranneketjuja olen valmistanut lukuisia mm. valmistumislahjaksi. Tämä on samalla tekniikalla tehty kuin aikaisemman postauksen kuningasketju, mutta punosmallin nimi on suomeksi ´piina´- mistä lie johtuu! Hopealangan paksuus on 1mm ja renkaan sisämitta 3mm.

JadekorutThis is a set of sea green jewellery I made many years ago – in one of my favourite colours. The jade beads are separated with tiny silver rings, one large silver coated bead and a silver clasp.


Tämän korusetin tein itselleni monta vuotta sitten pidettäväksi vedenvihreiden lempivaatteitteni kanssa. Jadehelmien seurana on pienen pieniä hopearenkaita, yksi isompi hopeoitu helmi ja hopeinen jousilukko.

Vedenvihreiden hopealukotAs you can see in the picture above the silver parts had tarnished badly over the years, so I decided to take the bracelet and necklace apart to clean them properly. After dipping them into a silver cleaning liquid and retieing the chains using some nylon coated beading wire, they look nice and shiny again. Here below on the same colour fabric I bought to make myself a new spring outfit 🙂


Hopeiset lukot ja helmet olivat pahoin mustuneet, joten päätin puhdistaa ne upottamalla osat hopeankiillotusnesteeseen. Se edellytti ketjujen purkamista ja punomista uudelleen nylon päällysteiseen koruvaijeriin, mutta nyt ne kiiltelevät taas kauniisti.

Vedenvihreät korut




Glass markers, lasinmerkkaajia


11Glass markers made with memory wire and all kinds of beads. A set of these is an easy little present for any occasion.

First you turn a little circle onto the end of the wire with a pair of round pliers taking care not to disfigure the rest of the wire. Straighten it out if it’s crooked then cut the wire so that it overlaps the little circle by a couple of millimeters. Slip the decorations onto the wire and turn the end up to fit into the opposite notch, carefully so the wire doesn’t snap. All of these have a bigger decorative bead attached with a metal headpin.


Koruvaijerista saa helposti kauniita lasimerkkejä esimerkiksi tuliasiksi vietäväksi. Metallilangan päähän tehdään pyöreäpäisillä pihdeillä lenkki, kieppi katkaistaan niin että se menee pari milliä lenkin ohi ja kun on pujotellut helmet vaijeriin taitetaan toinen pää varovasti ylös kiinnitykoukuksi. Kaikissa näissä malleissa on korupiikkiin pujotellut isommat koristehelmet pikkuhelmien keskellä. Mukana on sekä kivi, lasi että muovihelmiä.


Dyeing with coffee and blackcurrants, värjäystä kahvilla ja marjamehulla


This year’s top fashion colour – rose quarz – seems to have been the theme of my posts just lately. I decided to dye my tatted new earrings from the previous post that colour too to go with my pale pink cardigan. After my experiments of dyeing with avocado skins I’ve been reading a lot about natural dyes. Many plants that seem like obvious material for dyeing – blueberries for example that make a dreadful mess when you don’t want them to – are apparently not very colourfast as textile dyes. But I had some old blackcurrant juice that was going to be thrown away anyway so I warmed it up and threw my earrings in it. To make the colour a little more vivid I added a few blueberries too. They came out pretty much the colour I wanted 🙂 and I won’t have to wash them very often…

punainen väri


The crocheted earrings I dyed with coffee. I didn’t want the colour to be very even so I first dropped them into the boiling hot liquid for a while for a lighter colour, dried them in between, and then soaked the tips in the coffee again for a darker colour.

Kahvin väriset


I wore the pink earrings and my daughter the brown ones (with her pink dress) for the graduation parties last weekend. Both were complemented so I guess I’ll be making more of these!


Värjäsin viime postauksessa esittelemäni korvakorut kahvinporoilla ja mustaviinimarjamehulla juhla-asuihin sopiviksi. Tyttäreni oli pukeutunut pinkkiin mekkoon jonka tein viime kesänä ja hän valittelikin taas että olemme kuin kaksi marjaa äidin tekemissä korviksissa ja vaaleanpunaisissa vaatteissamme 😉

Tatted and crocheted earrings, korvikset käpypitsistä ja virkkaamalla

Inspired by a Japanese artist Miho Fujita who makes fabulous intricate jewellery with a tiny crochet hook I tried crocheting and tatting these earrings with my tatting thread. On the right my tatted version with a four petal flower motif and on the left my try of Miho Fujita’s tiny circle chains.


My tatted earrings are made with individual four petal flowers that rather remind me of hortensias or lilac flowers. The petals are 5-7-7-5 up to 5-9-9-5 at the top. To attach them to the earring I made a double layered flower.

To make the flower unwind about 30 cm of thread and leave it waiting to make the chain. Start the flower with three rings. The fourth ring has to be attached to the first one and to do this I first turned the motif upside down so that the threads are behind the flower (the second picture). Then turn the top edge of the ring towards you so that the picot is the other way around. Connect to the picot as usual and do the rest of the double stitches before tightening the ring. Work a chain of 10-20 double stitches before attaching it to the stem. To attach the flowers together I incorporated the previous threads inside the stem like this:

With more flowers the stem gets fuller on its way up.

Here are the finished earrings.Kukkaiset

This is how I made the crocheted little circle chains.

To move down I made chains and to come back I crocheted over them. Work one side on the way down and the other one on your way up. Start with a chain and make a circle at the end of it with about 14 doubles into the third stitch from the hook. Close the circle with a slip stitch catching the chain with the same stitch. Crochet 4-5 stitches back over the chain and continue with 15 chain stitches making another circle at the end and coming back the same way over the chain. Continue like this until your chain is long enough. Coming back up make the chain for the circle about 10 stitches long and start it half way between the circles on the previous side.

Kolme haaraa

There are three different length branches to my earrings. They are crocheted together at the top with a little circle that can be attached to an earring fitting. Maybe I’ll make them a few more branches to make them fuller?


The next post is about how I dyed these earrings 🙂

Satin evening dress, satiini-iltapuku

Vihreä puku_v1

The colour scheme of the previous post continues with this forest green satin that we found for a young lady’s evening dress. The black lace is sewn onto the bodice slightly asymmetrically and continues to cover the décolletée.


Nuoren neidin iltapukuun löytyi Eurokankaasta paksua ja kauniin metsänvihreää puuvilla-viskoosisatiinia. Miehustaan ommeltiin kiinni mustaa pitsiä joka jatkuu olkapäille ja on selän puolella avonaisempi. Pitsin alareuna on leikattu kuvioiden mukaan ja edessä se on vähän epäsymmetrinen. Kaula-aukon ja hihansuut viimeistelee kapea nauha.

Vihreä shaali_v1

I only had 2.4 metres of the green satin (cotton and viscose) but I managed to stretch that to even make a shawl to match.


Vihreää satiinia oli vain 2.4 metriä mutta se riitti vielä huiviinkin. Asettelin kaavat limittäin niin että yhtenäinen etukappale tuli kankaan laitteelle ja takakappaleet vastakkaiseen suuntaan kankaan reunaan.

Olka edestä_v1     Olka takaa_v1

There are skin coloured straps under the lace at the top to keep the  bodice up. At the back they continue on the edge of the lace to leave the back more open.


Yläosan pitsin alla on ihonväriset kapeat olkaimet jotta pitsi ei joudu liialle rasitukselle.

sivusauma_v1      sisäsauma_v1

The side seams were attatched after the lace was sewn on. This way the size of the dress will be easy to modify when and if needed. The thick satin was easy to sew. I attatched the lace on with pins, hand sewed it on with long stitches and zigzagged the edge.


Sivusaumat ompelin sen jälkeen kun pitsi oli ommeltu kiinni. Näin mekkoa on helppo suurentaa (tai pienentää) tarpeen tullen eikä ompeleiden purkaminen näy pitsin alta. Paksua satiinia oli helppo ommella. Myös pitsin kiinnittäminen sujui ongelmitta. Ensin mallasin sen paikoilleen nuppineuloilla. Sitten ompelin sen käsin pitkillä ompeleilla satiiniin ja viimeiseksi ompelin reunoihin koneella siksakkia.

Vihreät korvikset_v1

These are the earrings I made to match. Green is one of my favourite colours so I had lots of different size beads to work with. The design I found on a wonderful Belgian site – Elfenatelier. They have many lovely and clearly illustrated free patterns, one of which I modified to make these. Link below.

Helmivarastoistani löytyi sopivia vihertäviä helmiä korvakoruja varten. Ohje löytyi belgialaisilta sivuilta pinterestin kautta. Tässä linkki Elfenatelier:n sivuille missä on paljon havainnollisia, ihania ja ilmaisia koruohjeita!

In the pink, vaaleanpunaista

Mekko ja korvikset A dear friend gave me her summery silk dress to renew. The decoltée had sort of enlargened and she asked if I could do something to remedy this. I opened the middle seam and adjusted the front and back a little and then added a tiny bit of lace in the front to keep the pieces together. Couldn’t resist making the earrings to match!

Ystävättäreni pyysi apua ihanan sikkimekkonsa avaran kaula-aukon pienentämiseksi. Continue reading

Tatted lace earrings and bracelet, käpypitsikorvakorut ja -rannerengas

Mustat korutI made this set of lace jewellery for my daughter last autumn to match the evening dress I sewed for her university ball. She´s just had another occasion to wear them at the end of March. The earrings and bracelet are needle tatted, with small seed beads and exactly the same colour gemstone pearls as the dress. She starched the earrings herself with sugar.

Viime syksynä sain ommella tyttärelleni vuosijuhlapuvun munakoison värisestä silkistä. Continue reading

Byzantine chain, Kuningasketju

Inspired by my son´s adventurous historical hobbies, I broadened my jewellery making a couple of years ago from beads to chainmail. This design is a very popular one, probably as old as the byzantine times, as the name suggests. It feels and looks quite luxurious but at the same time it´s very easy to wear. I just started a new bracelet to give to yet another dear friend. Ketjut Ever since he was little, my son has been fascinated by history. Continue reading