Sewing underwear, rintaliivien ompelua


I’ve been working on this fun project for some time! It took many trials and errors but I finally finished my first bra. I will use this pattern to sew many more. Maybe with some handmade lace? ūüôā


Monien yritysten ja mallikappaleiden j√§lkeen sain vihdoinkin valmiiksi ensimm√§iset itse ompelemani rintaliivit. N√§it√§ taitaa alkaa synty√§ liukuhihnalta. Ehk√§ jotkut itse tekem√§ni pitsinp√§tk√§tkin p√§√§sev√§t viel√§ k√§ytt√∂√∂n ūüôā


This length of raspberry coloured lace caught my eye a couple of years ago at a sale and I bought it thinking I might some day use it to sew myself some lingerie. Encouraged by this blog post about lingerie making and material suppliers I finally ordered a pattern. Despite taking careful measurements¬† the first one was way too big. This bra is made with the “Harriet” pattern from Cloth Habit – which also needed some alterations before a perfect fit.


T√§m√§ vadelmanpunainen pitsi-ihanuus l√∂ytyi pari vuotta sitten alelaatikosta. Ostin sen alusvaateprojekti mieless√§, mutta vasta luettuani blogipostauksen alusvaatteiden ompelemisesta ja materiaalien nettitoimittajista Katjan Withmyhandsdream sivustolta, uskalsin tarttua haasteeseen. Yhden vikaostoksen j√§lkeen sain tilattua sopivan kaavan Cloth Habit nettisivustolta. “Harriet”-mallin kaavaan tein viel√§ joitain s√§√§t√∂j√§ jotta sain t√§ydellisesti sopivat liivit.


The package of bra materials and the underwires are from The Basic Kit Plus consists of ten different materials, including four different types of elastic band. I didn’t count how many seams there were to sew but I enjoyed the challenge and the bra is lovely!


Tilasin kautta tarvikepaketin jossa oli kymmentä eri materiaalia, mm.  neljää erilaista kuminauhaa. Lisäksi tarvittiin kaarituet, jotka sain samalta toimittajalta. Monen monta ompeluvaihetta on näinkin pienessä vaatekappaleessa, mutta hauskaa oli ja liiveistä tuli ihanat!


Barbie clothes, Barbin vaatteita

Barbie gold

My interest in sewing started with making Barbie doll clothes. I made literally hundreds of them, for myself , my sister, cousins, later for my daughter and all our goddaughters. Long dresses were my passion, and I took inspiration from old films with historic costumes.


Innostukseni ompelemiseen alkoi Barbin vaatteista. Malleja ja inspiraatioita hain vanhojen leffojen puvustuksista ja erityisesti pitkiä pukuja syntyi lukemattomia. Tässä alla vanhimpia malleja, yläkuvassa kultaisesta trikoosta ommeltu iltapuku tyttäreni kokoelmista.

Barbie dresses

Here are some of the oldest ones that I’ve saved after my daughter’s doll games. All made in my early teens and in need of repair! The golden dress in the top picture is one I made for my daughter. I’ll make a longer post of these later…

Barbie materials

The reason I dug these out is I bought two samples of lace for a wedding dress I’ll be making and bought enough (20 cm) to make Barbie clothes with ūüôā


Barbin vaatteet kaivoin varaston k√§tk√∂ist√§ kun tulin ostaneeksi kaksi kahdenkymmen sentin p√§tk√§√§ pitsikangasta h√§√§puvun mallikappaleiksi ja ajattelin ett√§ niist√§ voisi tehd√§ nukenvaatteita ūüôā


Personalized linen, yksil√∂idyt laudeliinat

Taiteltuna pöydällä

Here are some little crocheted motifs to mark linen towels with. We use these as seat covers for the sauna, so it was an appropriate gift to take to our friends’ summer cottage ūüôā


Kesätuliaisiksi ystäville vietiin pienillä virkatuilla kuvioilla koristellut pellavaiset laudeliinat.

The oak leaf is a design I found on Charlotta’s crohet blog called In the Yarn Garden¬†. The “grapes” and the “tree” are made of little circles the same way as the crocheted earrings in my two previous posts.


Tammenlehden ohjeen löysin Charlottan hauskasta virkkaus-blogista In the Yarn Garden. Pyöryläkuviot tein samaan tyyliin kuin edellisten postausten virkatut korvikset. Kuviot on kiinnitetty valmiin liinan kulmaan tavallisella ompelulangalla.

Kulmat pöydällä

The towels are hemmed the way I described in my post about tablecloths, with a little strip of tape to hang them from sewn on to the opposite corner from the decoration. The same technique could be used to decorate other soft furnishings e.g. the napkin rings I made in a previous post.


Liinojen käänteet ja kulmat on tehty pöytäliina postauksessa selitetyllä tavalla. Vastakkaiseen kulmaan kuviosta ompelin nauhan ripustuslenkiksi. Saman tapaisilla virkatuilla kuvioilla voisi yksilöidä muutkin liinavaatteet tai esimerkiksi lautasliinarenkaat aikaisemmasta postauksestani.

Aluset naulassa

Sewing a tablecloth, p√∂yt√§liinan ompelua


Tablecloths are easy to sew – when you have the right size fabric! This time the table was so wide that with normal fabric the sides would not have dropped down properly over the edge. Two solutions: sewing one seam along the middle or adding pieces onto the sides, both of which mean buying twice as much material! I usually opt for the latter alternative which I think makes a neater result.

Pöytäliinan jatke_v1

After removing the selvages and cutting the pieces to length I cut off 20 cm from both sides of one length to add onto the one that needs to be wider. I sewed them on with a narrow seam, the selvage sides together, and then zigzagged. Luckily the side table in the room measures just 70 cm wide, and as it’s sometimes used as an extension for the bigger table it made sense to make a narrower tablecloth out of the left over piece to match. This Marimekko linen was 146 cm wide after removing the selvages so I ended up with one tablecloth about 180 cm wide and the other just over a meter.

Viiden sentin mitta_v1

To measure the length of the fabric I counted the length of the table + half a meter for the ends + 10 cm for the folds + about 15 cm shrinkage. It’s usual to make a wider border for the ends than the sides. First mark 5 cm from the edge with sewing pins, turn the first fold to where the pins are and then make the final fold so that the marker pins are on the second fold. Sew near the edge of the first fold.

Pöytäliinan päärme_v1.jpg

With curtains and tablecloths you can make one simple fold for the edge IF the selvage is neat and doesn’t pull. Here I turned the edge twice to make a centimeter wide border but below is another tablecloth with a single fold on the selvage.

Vaalean liinan kulma_v1

This French cotton below has quite a wide selvage so you’d be better off cutting about 2 cm off and turning it twice.

Provence reuna_v1

A while back I bought this blue and white fabric to make some place mats. It’s from Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm, the Swedish equivalent to our Finnish Marimekko. They have beautiful cottons and linens that very much remind me of Liberty prints.

Siniset tabletit_v1.jpg

I had some white calico for the lining and first washed both the materials in a hot cycle to shrink them before sewing. The mats measure about 40 x 30 cm with a 1 cm seam. One meter of material was enough for eight table mats plus one useful unlined napkin – for the bread basket for example.

To make a neat corner for napkins you can make a little stitch diagonally in the inside before folding the edges in.

Satin evening dress, satiini-iltapuku

Vihreä puku_v1

The colour scheme of the previous post continues with this forest green satin that we found for a young lady’s evening dress. The black lace is sewn onto the bodice slightly asymmetrically and continues to cover the d√©collet√©e.


Nuoren neidin iltapukuun löytyi Eurokankaasta paksua ja kauniin metsänvihreää puuvilla-viskoosisatiinia. Miehustaan ommeltiin kiinni mustaa pitsiä joka jatkuu olkapäille ja on selän puolella avonaisempi. Pitsin alareuna on leikattu kuvioiden mukaan ja edessä se on vähän epäsymmetrinen. Kaula-aukon ja hihansuut viimeistelee kapea nauha.

Vihreä shaali_v1

I only had 2.4 metres of the green satin (cotton and viscose) but I managed to stretch that to even make a shawl to match.


Vihreää satiinia oli vain 2.4 metriä mutta se riitti vielä huiviinkin. Asettelin kaavat limittäin niin että yhtenäinen etukappale tuli kankaan laitteelle ja takakappaleet vastakkaiseen suuntaan kankaan reunaan.

Olka edestä_v1     Olka takaa_v1

There are skin coloured straps under the lace at the top to keep the  bodice up. At the back they continue on the edge of the lace to leave the back more open.


Yläosan pitsin alla on ihonväriset kapeat olkaimet jotta pitsi ei joudu liialle rasitukselle.

sivusauma_v1      sisäsauma_v1

The side seams were attatched after the lace was sewn on. This way the size of the dress will be easy to modify when and if needed. The thick satin was easy to sew. I attatched the lace on with pins, hand sewed it on with long stitches and zigzagged the edge.


Sivusaumat ompelin sen jälkeen kun pitsi oli ommeltu kiinni. Näin mekkoa on helppo suurentaa (tai pienentää) tarpeen tullen eikä ompeleiden purkaminen näy pitsin alta. Paksua satiinia oli helppo ommella. Myös pitsin kiinnittäminen sujui ongelmitta. Ensin mallasin sen paikoilleen nuppineuloilla. Sitten ompelin sen käsin pitkillä ompeleilla satiiniin ja viimeiseksi ompelin reunoihin koneella siksakkia.

Vihreät korvikset_v1

These are the earrings I made to match. Green is one of my favourite colours so I had lots of different size beads to work with. The design I found on a wonderful Belgian site – Elfenatelier. They have many lovely and clearly illustrated free patterns, one of which I modified to make these. Link below.

Helmivarastoistani löytyi sopivia vihertäviä helmiä korvakoruja varten. Ohje löytyi belgialaisilta sivuilta pinterestin kautta. Tässä linkki Elfenatelier:n sivuille missä on paljon havainnollisia, ihania ja ilmaisia koruohjeita!

Dress pattern, kaavat mekkoon

Mekot saaressa

This is a remake of a ready made dress. I bought this flowery fabric with my daughter in mind a couple of years ago and ever since we’ve been wondering what to make of it. Problem solved when a friend arrived with her pretty babydoll dress, here on the right. The new dress turned out beautifully and has quickly become a favourite in my daughter’s wardrobe ūüôā


Ostin pari vuotta sitten ohutta kukallista puuvillakangasta tyttärelleni. Continue reading

New curtains, verhojen ompelua

Saunan verhopitsiI had to replace the curtains in the changing room of our country sauna after ruining the old ones in the wash. I was going to sew some of my lace edgings onto the old ones, but had to buy some new linen instead.


Saunan pukuhuoneen verhot oli pakko uusia sen jälkeen kun olin pessyt vanhat verhot riekaleiksi pesukoneessa. Continue reading