Reflector lace, pitsiheijastimia

A good reflector is a very important "safety device" that should be attached to everyones clothes, bags etc. during the dark months of autumn and winter. These have been made out of the same reflective thread that I used a year ago (link here). * Ohuesta heijastinlangasta virkattuja ja käpyiltyjä heijastinkoristeita kiinnitettäviksi talvitakkeihin ja laukkuihin.… Continue reading Reflector lace, pitsiheijastimia

Hohtoa elämään! Glow in the dark!

I am quite obsessed about (especially) my loved ones wearing a proper reflector at this, the darkest time of the year! A pretty alternative for a reflector band is a lace one. These have been crocheted with thin reflective thread and a 1.25 mm hook, then carefully ironed between two sheets of paper to straighten… Continue reading Hohtoa elämään! Glow in the dark!