Dressing up for the 17th century, 1600-luvun vaatteissa.

Here's my son and his girlfriend posing in their 17th century re-enactment gear 🙂 Both have hand sewn their outfits themselves, out of wool and linen cloth with unbleached linen thread and using the patterns and methods of that era. The coif or cap and my son's cuffs and collar are my contribution. (See reference… Continue reading Dressing up for the 17th century, 1600-luvun vaatteissa.

More reticella practice,lisää harjoituksia

A new try of reticella with slighly bigger squares of around 2 cm each. Just about the right size for my son's historic collar. * Uusia reticella kokeiluja vähän isommilla ruuduilla. Reilun 2 cm kokoisina ne ovat suunnilleen sopivia historialliseen kaulukseen jota suunnittelen pojalleni. Here's my sampler onto which I'm outlining a little square doily… Continue reading More reticella practice,lisää harjoituksia

Reticella practice/harjoituksia

I've started my reticella practice with the help of the new books I ordered from Italy. The author Giuliana Buonpadre is a distinguished teacher and reviver of old needlework techniques. She has a beautiful website called Filofilò. * Tilasin Italiasta käsityökirjoja niiden kirjoittajan Giuliana Buonpadren nettisivujen kautta. Hän on arvostettu vanhojen käsityötekniikoiden opettaja ja uudistaja. Il… Continue reading Reticella practice/harjoituksia

Tutorial for easy needle lace, ohjeet helppoon ommeltuun pitsiin

Ommeltu pitsi on vanhimpia länsimaissa tunnettuja pitsintekotapoja. Tässä selostus siitä miten 1600-luvun tyylisien kalvosimien pitsi valmistui. * A tutorial to explain the technique I used to make the needle lace for the 17th century style cuffs. The text is in Finnish - sorry - but you can follow the pictures to get the gist of… Continue reading Tutorial for easy needle lace, ohjeet helppoon ommeltuun pitsiin

17th century cuffs, 1600-luvun kalvosimet

The cuffs for my son's 17th century outfit are ready. That was the easy part. Next I'll be making him a reticella collar - a huge project compared to these cuffs! The cuffs are made of thin linen. First I finished the edges with a rolled hem and then sewed the needle lace straight onto… Continue reading 17th century cuffs, 1600-luvun kalvosimet

Old handkerchief lace, vanhaa nenäliinapitsiä

I love old linen! These are some of the beautiful pieces that I've inherited. Each handkerchief has been decorated with a different type of lace, all with really thin thread and worked with very skillful hands. The round little doily adorned a jam jar that I was given many years ago and has a slightly… Continue reading Old handkerchief lace, vanhaa nenäliinapitsiä