Acid dyes for lingerie, happovärejä alusvaatteisiin

I was so pleased with my first experiment with acid dyes 🙂 Sounds complicated and even dangerous to those not familiar with it, but you just need a dye, white vinegar to make the dye bath acidic and a pot to heat water in. And the dyes themselves are quite safe to use (provided you… Continue reading Acid dyes for lingerie, happovärejä alusvaatteisiin

Replica of a historical silk stocking, historiallisen silkkisukan kopio

This is a replica of a stocking dating from around 1650, that was found in the tomb of Elisabeth Bure in the Turku Cathedral. If you've been wondering whatever happened to this project, I did finish my version of this historical silk stocking, not too long after my previous post well over a year ago.… Continue reading Replica of a historical silk stocking, historiallisen silkkisukan kopio

Gluteeniton ja vegaaninen Runebergin torttu, Runeberg cake “free from” version

Tänä vuonna olen kokeillut erikoisruokavaliolle sopivia Runebergin torttuja. Näitä mainioita herkkuja olen leiponut jo pari kertaa sillä luottoreseptini muokkautui helposti vaihtamalla vain ainekset gluteenittomiksi ja vegaanisiksi! Alkuperäinen resepti on sivuilta. 200 g margariinia 1-2 dl (fariini)sokeria 2 tl Orgran No Egg kananmunankorviketta sekoitettuna n 1/2 dl:aan vettä 2 dl gluteenittomia jauhoja yhteensä 4 dl… Continue reading Gluteeniton ja vegaaninen Runebergin torttu, Runeberg cake “free from” version

Summer for Barbie, Barbin kesä

This summery post has been in the making for a long time. I finished Barbie's dress a couple of years ago after purchasing a set of 50's patterns but I couldn't portray her without shoes, a sun hat, a shawl...  and since I'm into making underwear - Barbie needed some too. The classic 50's style… Continue reading Summer for Barbie, Barbin kesä

Bra construction, rintaliivien rakentelua

After a long break I've had time to make some bras again. These dark purple ones are made with my favourite pattern, the Harriet bra by Cloth Habit. I've adjusted the cradle and cup a little for a better fit and there are slight differences in their construction which I'll explain below for those who… Continue reading Bra construction, rintaliivien rakentelua