Sewing underwear, rintaliivien ompelua


I’ve been working on this fun project for some time! It took many trials and errors but I finally finished my first bra. I will use this pattern to sew many more. Maybe with some handmade lace? ūüôā


Monien yritysten ja mallikappaleiden j√§lkeen sain vihdoinkin valmiiksi ensimm√§iset itse ompelemani rintaliivit. N√§it√§ taitaa alkaa synty√§ liukuhihnalta. Ehk√§ jotkut itse tekem√§ni pitsinp√§tk√§tkin p√§√§sev√§t viel√§ k√§ytt√∂√∂n ūüôā


This length of raspberry coloured lace caught my eye a couple of years ago at a sale and I bought it thinking I might some day use it to sew myself some lingerie. Encouraged by this blog post about lingerie making and material suppliers I finally ordered a pattern. Despite taking careful measurements¬† the first one was way too big. This bra is made with the “Harriet” pattern from Cloth Habit – which also needed some alterations before a perfect fit.


T√§m√§ vadelmanpunainen pitsi-ihanuus l√∂ytyi pari vuotta sitten alelaatikosta. Ostin sen alusvaateprojekti mieless√§, mutta vasta luettuani blogipostauksen alusvaatteiden ompelemisesta ja materiaalien nettitoimittajista Katjan Withmyhandsdream sivustolta, uskalsin tarttua haasteeseen. Yhden vikaostoksen j√§lkeen sain tilattua sopivan kaavan Cloth Habit nettisivustolta. “Harriet”-mallin kaavaan tein viel√§ joitain s√§√§t√∂j√§ jotta sain t√§ydellisesti sopivat liivit.


The package of bra materials and the underwires are from The Basic Kit Plus consists of ten different materials, including four different types of elastic band. I didn’t count how many seams there were to sew but I enjoyed the challenge and the bra is lovely!


Tilasin kautta tarvikepaketin jossa oli kymmentä eri materiaalia, mm.  neljää erilaista kuminauhaa. Lisäksi tarvittiin kaarituet, jotka sain samalta toimittajalta. Monen monta ompeluvaihetta on näinkin pienessä vaatekappaleessa, mutta hauskaa oli ja liiveistä tuli ihanat!


Barbie clothes, Barbin vaatteita

Barbie gold

My interest in sewing started with making Barbie doll clothes. I made literally hundreds of them, for myself , my sister, cousins, later for my daughter and all our goddaughters. Long dresses were my passion, and I took inspiration from old films with historic costumes.


Innostukseni ompelemiseen alkoi Barbin vaatteista. Malleja ja inspiraatioita hain vanhojen leffojen puvustuksista ja erityisesti pitkiä pukuja syntyi lukemattomia. Tässä alla vanhimpia malleja, yläkuvassa kultaisesta trikoosta ommeltu iltapuku tyttäreni kokoelmista.

Barbie dresses

Here are some of the oldest ones that I’ve saved after my daughter’s doll games. All made in my early teens and in need of repair! The golden dress in the top picture is one I made for my daughter. I’ll make a longer post of these later…

Barbie materials

The reason I dug these out is I bought two samples of lace for a wedding dress I’ll be making and bought enough (20 cm) to make Barbie clothes with ūüôā


Barbin vaatteet kaivoin varaston k√§tk√∂ist√§ kun tulin ostaneeksi kaksi kahdenkymmen sentin p√§tk√§√§ pitsikangasta h√§√§puvun mallikappaleiksi ja ajattelin ett√§ niist√§ voisi tehd√§ nukenvaatteita ūüôā


Umbrella to shopping bag, sateenvarjosta ostoskassiksi


A lightweight shopping bag made from the fabric of a broken umbrella. Roll it up into a tiny parcel and it won’t take much room in your handbag. Now where is that umbrella I bought from the Van Gogh Museum? Not thrown away I hope!


Kevytja pieneen tilaan kääriytyvä ostoskassi valmistui nopeasti rikkinäisen varjon kankaasta. Uusiokäyttöä kauniille mutta usein lyhytikäisille sateenvarjoille!PalasetLeikatutSaumaKahvaTarranauha

I used an old bag as a guideline for the mesurements.

  • Leave two sections of the fabric together to form the front and another two to make the back. The sides are made of one section folded in half and turned upside down. The side sections start about 5 cm (2″) up from the bottom seam to give the handles a little more length. I unraveled the seams, if you cut them you’ll get a slightly smaller bag.
  • Cut a triangle from the top of the front and back sections and rounded bits to form handles for the side pieces.
  • Reinforce the center seams. Sew the the side seams twice: fold along the first seam and sew a second time near the edge.
  • Cut some tape (about 2.5cm/1″ wide) from the left over pieces to turn the top edges of the bag with. First sew the tape onto the right side. Then fold it double over to the inside and sew along the seam from the right side.
  • Sew the top of the handles together folding the seam inside and reinforcing (welt or french seam?).
  • Fold wide pleats to the back and front of the bottom seam¬† and sew a double seam along the bottom edge.
  • Sew on the attaching strip (the one you had on one of the leftover pieces) to the top and adjust the length. I had to sew a new piece of velcro to replace the worn out one.


  • Leikkaa sateenvarjon kahdeksasta osasta kaksi kahden osan palasta, etu- ja takakappaleet, sek√§ kaksi yhden osan kappaletta sivuiksi. Min√§ puri ompeleet – hieman pienempi kassi tulee jos leikkaa saumat pois. Kaksi osaa j√§√§ ylim√§√§r√§iseksi, toiseen j√§√§ kiristinnauha. Kassin sivukappaleet k√§√§nnet√§√§n kaksinkerroin ja¬† yl√∂salaisin ja kohdistetaan noin viisi sentti√§ alasaumasta yl√∂sp√§in.
  • Leikkaa keskimm√§isten kappaleiden yl√§osasta kolmiomainen pala pois. Leikkaa sivukappaleista py√∂ristetyt osat niin ett√§ muodostuu kahvat.
  • Vahvista keskisaumat ja ompele sivusaumat vaikka niin ett√§ k√§√§nn√§t reunan¬† ensimm√§isen ompleleen ja ompelet sen viereen toisen sauman.
  • Leikkaa ylim√§√§r√§isist√§ kappaleista noin 2.5cm leve√§√§ kaitaletta jolla p√§√§rm√§√§t kassin yl√§reunan ja kahvojen reunat.
  • K√§√§nn√§ leve√§t laskokset alareunojen sivuilla sek√§ eteen ett√§ taakse ja ompele alasauma kahteen kertaan.
  • Kiinnit√§ kiristinnauha kassin suuhun – tarkista ett√§ se tulee oikein p√§in ja sopivan pituiseksi.


Dressing up for a formal occasion, akateemisiin juhliin sonnustautumista


It’s not often that I get to wear an evening gown, but this week-end a friend of mine celebrated her doctoral degree in the traditional way. She was dressed in a black long dress, which I had the honour of making for her and the guests got to put on their best and look quite “academic” in their tails. For my own dress I decided to cut corners a bit by just adding a hem to my ready made tunic. I made these silver wire earrings from the same jade beads as my old bracelet and necklace to complement the sea green attire.


Yst√§v√§tt√§reni tohtorinv√§it√∂skaronkkaan saimme sonnustautua parhaimpiimme. Minulle lankesi kunniateht√§v√§ valmistaa h√§nelle musta iltapuku kaikkien taiteen s√§√§nt√∂jen mukaan. Omaa iltapukuani varten menin siit√§ miss√§ aita oli v√§h√§n matalampi. Kaapistani sattumoisin l√∂ytyi lempiv√§ri√§ni olevaa silkki√§ (juuri t√§llaista tilaisuutta varten vuosia sitten hankittua) jota lis√§sin kev√§ttunikani helmaan. Miehustaan¬† v√§rkk√§sin ison silkkikukan ja uudet korvakorut tein hopealangasta jadehelmikorujeni kaveriksi. Ainakin henkarissa kokonaisuus n√§ytt√§√§ aika hyv√§lt√§ ūüėČ

Korujen rakentelua

The bead is threaded onto one end of the wire and then the wire is just wound  irregularly around the bead. I used a 1mm thick silver coated wire and added one dangling bead. The clips are glued on with super glue.


I added some extra glamour to my dress by making a flower out of the same silk as the hem and attaching it near the neckline.

Terälehtien leikkaus

I gathered the stitching around the petals a little to make them curl in slightly, tacked them together overlapping each one and pulled the thread tight to gather them into a flower shape.


A long length of tulle is gathered both under and over the silk petals and some silver beads sewn in the middle to give the finishing touch.


My new long gown waiting on the hanger ūüôā I do love the colour!


Dressed up for the Finnish Independence Day, Itsenäisyyspäivän juhlapuvut


This year today, the 6th December, Finland celebrates it’s 99th Independence Day. A kick off for the Centenary festivities in other words! We fly our blue and white flag and parades and festivities take place all over the country. The biggest affair is held at the presidential palace where the guests include the diplomatic corps, the leaders or the country and it’s economy along with this year’s sports’ medalists – i.e. the Finnish royalty ūüėČ . The whole nation watches with a scrutinizing eye how the celebrities have dressed up this year.

The children are taught to honour the day in a special way too. For a couple of decades now the Mayor of Helsinki has invited all the fourth grade pupils of the Helsinki schools to an Indipendence Day reception. The ten year olds get to put on their best – clothes and behaviour, be welcomed with a handshake from the Mayor, experience a music show from some popular artists and enjoy an evening of dancing and food and drinks galore, just as the adults do at the presidential palace. My youngest goddaughter and her sister will be two of the princesses at the mayors reception this year in these party dresses, handmade by Liisa of course ūüėÄ

So three cheers to one of the best countries in the world to live in, and that’s not just my opinion!

Men’s shirt refashioned into a top, kes√§toppi miesten paidasta

Paita nurmikolla

To prepare for the summer holidays I made this little top out of my husband’s old worn out shirt. You can easily make the pattern with a top that fits you – if it’s a knit just make sure you take measurements before cutting!


Mukavan pehmeä ja vilpoinen kesätoppi syntyi helposti vanhasta miesten kauluspaidasta. Kaavat sain sovittamalla vanhaa toppia paidan päälle. Jos käytät trikootoppia mallina niin mittaa rinnanympärys, ettei uudesta topista tule liian kireää!

I moved the back to the front, the pocket to the other side and made bias tape from the sleeves to turn the neckline and armholes. I also added a dart to the side seam for a better fit. Next time I’ll make a new little pocket cut on the bias too to make it stand out a bit more.


Napitus siirrettiin taakse, tasku etupuolelle ja hihoista leikkasin vinokaitaletta kaula-aukon ja hihansuiden kääntämiseen. Sivusaumoihin tuli muotolaskokset rinnan kohdalle. Ensi kerralla teen vielä uuden taskun vinoon leikatusta hihasta jotta taskukin erottuu paremmin.


Personalized linen, yksil√∂idyt laudeliinat

Taiteltuna pöydällä

Here are some little crocheted motifs to mark linen towels with. We use these as seat covers for the sauna, so it was an appropriate gift to take to our friends’ summer cottage ūüôā


Kesätuliaisiksi ystäville vietiin pienillä virkatuilla kuvioilla koristellut pellavaiset laudeliinat.

The oak leaf is a design I found on Charlotta’s crohet blog called In the Yarn Garden¬†. The “grapes” and the “tree” are made of little circles the same way as the crocheted earrings in my two previous posts.


Tammenlehden ohjeen löysin Charlottan hauskasta virkkaus-blogista In the Yarn Garden. Pyöryläkuviot tein samaan tyyliin kuin edellisten postausten virkatut korvikset. Kuviot on kiinnitetty valmiin liinan kulmaan tavallisella ompelulangalla.

Kulmat pöydällä

The towels are hemmed the way I described in my post about tablecloths, with a little strip of tape to hang them from sewn on to the opposite corner from the decoration. The same technique could be used to decorate other soft furnishings e.g. the napkin rings I made in a previous post.


Liinojen käänteet ja kulmat on tehty pöytäliina postauksessa selitetyllä tavalla. Vastakkaiseen kulmaan kuviosta ompelin nauhan ripustuslenkiksi. Saman tapaisilla virkatuilla kuvioilla voisi yksilöidä muutkin liinavaatteet tai esimerkiksi lautasliinarenkaat aikaisemmasta postauksestani.

Aluset naulassa