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Suomi 100

Getting ready for tomorrows big celebrations: my long blue dress, the traditional two candles for each window and my lovely blue coffee cup – a gift from my goddaughter . Today I had time for two o’clock coffee along with hundreds of thousands of other Finns! We’ve really thought of all possible ways to honour the centenary of Finland’s independence. If you don’t believe me go and have a look at the official net site .

Join in the celebrations and make a toast to Finland!

Dressing up for a formal occasion, akateemisiin juhliin sonnustautumista


It’s not often that I get to wear an evening gown, but this week-end a friend of mine celebrated her doctoral degree in the traditional way. She was dressed in a black long dress, which I had the honour of making for her and the guests got to put on their best and look quite “academic” in their tails. For my own dress I decided to cut corners a bit by just adding a hem to my ready made tunic. I made these silver wire earrings from the same jade beads as my old bracelet and necklace to complement the sea green attire.


Ystävättäreni tohtorinväitöskaronkkaan saimme sonnustautua parhaimpiimme. Minulle lankesi kunniatehtävä valmistaa hänelle musta iltapuku kaikkien taiteen sääntöjen mukaan. Omaa iltapukuani varten menin siitä missä aita oli vähän matalampi. Kaapistani sattumoisin löytyi lempiväriäni olevaa silkkiä (juuri tällaista tilaisuutta varten vuosia sitten hankittua) jota lisäsin kevättunikani helmaan. Miehustaan  värkkäsin ison silkkikukan ja uudet korvakorut tein hopealangasta jadehelmikorujeni kaveriksi. Ainakin henkarissa kokonaisuus näyttää aika hyvältä 😉

Korujen rakentelua

The bead is threaded onto one end of the wire and then the wire is just wound  irregularly around the bead. I used a 1mm thick silver coated wire and added one dangling bead. The clips are glued on with super glue.


I added some extra glamour to my dress by making a flower out of the same silk as the hem and attaching it near the neckline.

Terälehtien leikkaus

I gathered the stitching around the petals a little to make them curl in slightly, tacked them together overlapping each one and pulled the thread tight to gather them into a flower shape.


A long length of tulle is gathered both under and over the silk petals and some silver beads sewn in the middle to give the finishing touch.


My new long gown waiting on the hanger 🙂 I do love the colour!


Dressed up for the Finnish Independence Day, Itsenäisyyspäivän juhlapuvut


This year today, the 6th December, Finland celebrates it’s 99th Independence Day. A kick off for the Centenary festivities in other words! We fly our blue and white flag and parades and festivities take place all over the country. The biggest affair is held at the presidential palace where the guests include the diplomatic corps, the leaders or the country and it’s economy along with this year’s sports’ medalists – i.e. the Finnish royalty 😉 . The whole nation watches with a scrutinizing eye how the celebrities have dressed up this year.

The children are taught to honour the day in a special way too. For a couple of decades now the Mayor of Helsinki has invited all the fourth grade pupils of the Helsinki schools to an Indipendence Day reception. The ten year olds get to put on their best – clothes and behaviour, be welcomed with a handshake from the Mayor, experience a music show from some popular artists and enjoy an evening of dancing and food and drinks galore, just as the adults do at the presidential palace. My youngest goddaughter and her sister will be two of the princesses at the mayors reception this year in these party dresses, handmade by Liisa of course 😀

So three cheers to one of the best countries in the world to live in, and that’s not just my opinion!

Satin evening dress, satiini-iltapuku

Vihreä puku_v1

The colour scheme of the previous post continues with this forest green satin that we found for a young lady’s evening dress. The black lace is sewn onto the bodice slightly asymmetrically and continues to cover the décolletée.


Nuoren neidin iltapukuun löytyi Eurokankaasta paksua ja kauniin metsänvihreää puuvilla-viskoosisatiinia. Miehustaan ommeltiin kiinni mustaa pitsiä joka jatkuu olkapäille ja on selän puolella avonaisempi. Pitsin alareuna on leikattu kuvioiden mukaan ja edessä se on vähän epäsymmetrinen. Kaula-aukon ja hihansuut viimeistelee kapea nauha.

Vihreä shaali_v1

I only had 2.4 metres of the green satin (cotton and viscose) but I managed to stretch that to even make a shawl to match.


Vihreää satiinia oli vain 2.4 metriä mutta se riitti vielä huiviinkin. Asettelin kaavat limittäin niin että yhtenäinen etukappale tuli kankaan laitteelle ja takakappaleet vastakkaiseen suuntaan kankaan reunaan.

Olka edestä_v1     Olka takaa_v1

There are skin coloured straps under the lace at the top to keep the  bodice up. At the back they continue on the edge of the lace to leave the back more open.


Yläosan pitsin alla on ihonväriset kapeat olkaimet jotta pitsi ei joudu liialle rasitukselle.

sivusauma_v1      sisäsauma_v1

The side seams were attatched after the lace was sewn on. This way the size of the dress will be easy to modify when and if needed. The thick satin was easy to sew. I attatched the lace on with pins, hand sewed it on with long stitches and zigzagged the edge.


Sivusaumat ompelin sen jälkeen kun pitsi oli ommeltu kiinni. Näin mekkoa on helppo suurentaa (tai pienentää) tarpeen tullen eikä ompeleiden purkaminen näy pitsin alta. Paksua satiinia oli helppo ommella. Myös pitsin kiinnittäminen sujui ongelmitta. Ensin mallasin sen paikoilleen nuppineuloilla. Sitten ompelin sen käsin pitkillä ompeleilla satiiniin ja viimeiseksi ompelin reunoihin koneella siksakkia.

Vihreät korvikset_v1

These are the earrings I made to match. Green is one of my favourite colours so I had lots of different size beads to work with. The design I found on a wonderful Belgian site – Elfenatelier. They have many lovely and clearly illustrated free patterns, one of which I modified to make these. Link below.

Helmivarastoistani löytyi sopivia vihertäviä helmiä korvakoruja varten. Ohje löytyi belgialaisilta sivuilta pinterestin kautta. Tässä linkki Elfenatelier:n sivuille missä on paljon havainnollisia, ihania ja ilmaisia koruohjeita!

In the pink, vaaleanpunaista

Mekko ja korvikset A dear friend gave me her summery silk dress to renew. The decoltée had sort of enlargened and she asked if I could do something to remedy this. I opened the middle seam and adjusted the front and back a little and then added a tiny bit of lace in the front to keep the pieces together. Couldn’t resist making the earrings to match!

Ystävättäreni pyysi apua ihanan sikkimekkonsa avaran kaula-aukon pienentämiseksi. Continue reading

Dressmaking, juhlamekkoja

Yo-mekossaThe end of May is the time for graduation parties. Last Saturday was a very special occasion for high school graduates! They officially left school and received their white caps as a symbol of having passed their matriculation exams. My god-daughter asked me to make her a dress for her special day – a task I was very happy to undertake 🙂


Sain keväällä mieluisan pyynnön kummityttäreltäni, ommella lakkiasmekko tätä hänen elämänsä suurta päivää varten! Malli löytyi netin kuvista ja kaavat muokattiin vanhan käsityölehden kaavojen pohjalta. Continue reading

Tatted lace earrings and bracelet, käpypitsikorvakorut ja -rannerengas

Mustat korutI made this set of lace jewellery for my daughter last autumn to match the evening dress I sewed for her university ball. She´s just had another occasion to wear them at the end of March. The earrings and bracelet are needle tatted, with small seed beads and exactly the same colour gemstone pearls as the dress. She starched the earrings herself with sugar.

Viime syksynä sain ommella tyttärelleni vuosijuhlapuvun munakoison värisestä silkistä. Continue reading