New curtains, verhojen ompelua

Saunan verhopitsiI had to replace the curtains in the changing room of our country sauna after ruining the old ones in the wash. I was going to sew some of my lace edgings onto the old ones, but had to buy some new linen instead.


Saunan pukuhuoneen verhot oli pakko uusia sen jälkeen kun olin pessyt vanhat verhot riekaleiksi pesukoneessa. Continue reading

In the pink, vaaleanpunaista

Mekko ja korvikset A dear friend gave me her summery silk dress to renew. The decoltée had sort of enlargened and she asked if I could do something to remedy this. I opened the middle seam and adjusted the front and back a little and then added a tiny bit of lace in the front to keep the pieces together. Couldn’t resist making the earrings to match!

Ystävättäreni pyysi apua ihanan sikkimekkonsa avaran kaula-aukon pienentämiseksi. Continue reading

Dressmaking, juhlamekkoja

Yo-mekossaThe end of May is the time for graduation parties. Last Saturday was a very special occasion for high school graduates! They officially left school and received their white caps as a symbol of having passed their matriculation exams. My god-daughter asked me to make her a dress for her special day – a task I was very happy to undertake 🙂


Sain keväällä mieluisan pyynnön kummityttäreltäni, ommella lakkiasmekko tätä hänen elämänsä suurta päivää varten! Malli löytyi netin kuvista ja kaavat muokattiin vanhan käsityölehden kaavojen pohjalta. Continue reading

Tatted lace earrings and bracelet, käpypitsikorvakorut ja -rannerengas

Mustat korutI made this set of lace jewellery for my daughter last autumn to match the evening dress I sewed for her university ball. She´s just had another occasion to wear them at the end of March. The earrings and bracelet are needle tatted, with small seed beads and exactly the same colour gemstone pearls as the dress. She starched the earrings herself with sugar.

Viime syksynä sain ommella tyttärelleni vuosijuhlapuvun munakoison värisestä silkistä. Continue reading