Barbie clothes, Barbin vaatteita

Barbie gold

My interest in sewing started with making Barbie doll clothes. I made literally hundreds of them, for myself , my sister, cousins, later for my daughter and all our goddaughters. Long dresses were my passion, and I took inspiration from old films with historic costumes.


Innostukseni ompelemiseen alkoi Barbin vaatteista. Malleja ja inspiraatioita hain vanhojen leffojen puvustuksista ja erityisesti pitkiä pukuja syntyi lukemattomia. Tässä alla vanhimpia malleja, yläkuvassa kultaisesta trikoosta ommeltu iltapuku tyttäreni kokoelmista.

Barbie dresses

Here are some of the oldest ones that I’ve saved after my daughter’s doll games. All made in my early teens and in need of repair! The golden dress in the top picture is one I made for my daughter. I’ll make a longer post of these later…

Barbie materials

The reason I dug these out is I bought two samples of lace for a wedding dress I’ll be making and bought enough (20 cm) to make Barbie clothes with 🙂


Barbin vaatteet kaivoin varaston kätköistä kun tulin ostaneeksi kaksi kahdenkymmen sentin pätkää pitsikangasta hääpuvun mallikappaleiksi ja ajattelin että niistä voisi tehdä nukenvaatteita 🙂


2 thoughts on “Barbie clothes, Barbin vaatteita”

    1. Thanks Susie 😊 I loved your dolls!! They’ve forecast rain for tomorrow so I’ll be reading through your fabulous blog😍 I saw the Barbie exposition in Helsinki with my daughter this summer which made me want to make dolls’ clothes again. MatisseFashions looks very inspiring too, thanks for the tip! Liisa xx

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