Gingerbread housebuilding, piparkakkutalon rakentelua

Pyynikinlinnan etuovi_v1

This is the facade of this year’s gingerbreadhouse. Still no roof and lots to do but here’s how the project has gone so far…


Drawing the patterns. This time I had some original blueprints to work with – great!

Cutting and baking the pieces. A lot of different shapes and sizes.

Glueing the windows on next. I started with glucose but then decided on the hard stuff – real sugar melted. Doesn’t look too good on the inside! Decided to paint some curtains in too for the first time 🙂

It was the first time I also “plastered” the walls. Thicker royal icing for the outlines and slightly runnier to fill in. I didn’t mix the egg white properly for the first batch, so the plastering looks quite authentically uneven on the facade for example.

First time for everything this year: lights inside. I found a battery operated led light that has little starlights every ten centimeters. Perfect for my house!

Pikku palat

To be continued when I’ve finished decorating and putting all these bits and pieces in.

In the meanwhile Happy Holidays everyone!! Love Liisa xxx

Pyynikinlinna etuovi kapea


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