Gingerbread Margaux

Introducing my gingerbread version from 2014 of one of the most iconic and recognizable Bordeaux wineries, Château Margaux, since I won't be making a gingerbread house this year. The back side of the building has a beautiful pair of curved stairs. The front steps are guarded by sphinxes. One of mine has a rather damaged… Continue reading Gingerbread Margaux

Gluteeniton ja vegaaninen Runebergin torttu, Runeberg cake “free from” version

Tänä vuonna olen kokeillut erikoisruokavaliolle sopivia Runebergin torttuja. Näitä mainioita herkkuja olen leiponut jo pari kertaa sillä luottoreseptini muokkautui helposti vaihtamalla vain ainekset gluteenittomiksi ja vegaanisiksi! Alkuperäinen resepti on sivuilta. 200 g margariinia 1-2 dl (fariini)sokeria 2 tl Orgran No Egg kananmunankorviketta sekoitettuna n 1/2 dl:aan vettä 2 dl gluteenittomia jauhoja yhteensä 4 dl… Continue reading Gluteeniton ja vegaaninen Runebergin torttu, Runeberg cake “free from” version

Gingerbread toy shop, Piparkakkulelukauppa

This year's gingerbread house is a toy shop, dedicated of course to my two month old granddaughter 😍 Toys in the window display and some bigger items on the shelf behind the counter. Above the shop is the living room, ready for the Christmas feast. * Tänä jouluna tein piparkakkutalosta lelukaupan kaksi kuukautta vanhan pojantyttäreni… Continue reading Gingerbread toy shop, Piparkakkulelukauppa

Happy holidays, iloista joulua!

A white Christmas this year! At dusk the scenery turns into a beautiful blue which we call the "blue moment". I'll be working on this year's gingerbread house during the holidays. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! * Saatiin valkoinen joulu tänä vuonna 🙂 Piparkakkutalokin edistynee joulunpyhinä. Mukavaa ja piparintuoksuista loppuvuotta kaikille!… Continue reading Happy holidays, iloista joulua!

Gingerbread Pyynikinlinna piparkakkutalo

This Christmas I picked a dear old building as a model for my gingerbread house. It's an old private town house turned into a museum in a beautiful spot by the lakeside in the city of Tampere. Many, many hours of planning, baking, "plastering", tiling, window fitting, fixing of lights etc. More about the building… Continue reading Gingerbread Pyynikinlinna piparkakkutalo

Gingerbread housebuilding, piparkakkutalon rakentelua

This is the facade of this year's gingerbreadhouse. Still no roof and lots to do but here's how the project has gone so far... Drawing the patterns. This time I had some original blueprints to work with - great! Cutting and baking the pieces. A lot of different shapes and sizes. Glueing the windows on… Continue reading Gingerbread housebuilding, piparkakkutalon rakentelua

Ellenin suukkoja, Ellen’s cookies

This is a transformation from cake (from this earlier post) to cookie. The combination of chewy almond meringue and coffee buttercream works beautifully in this form too. These delicious confections might not look as tempting but they surpass any silky, pastel coloured macaron I've ever tasted! * Ellen Svinhufvud kakun resepti taipuu loistavasti pienten täytettyjen… Continue reading Ellenin suukkoja, Ellen’s cookies

Ellen Svinhufvud kakku, coffee meringue cake

Layers of almond meringue with a coffee flavoured buttercream filling make up this fabulous cake. It was my choice for our wedding cake years back and this summer I decided to try to make it myself for a big summer party. Quite a success 🙂 I found the recipe on the net site of a… Continue reading Ellen Svinhufvud kakku, coffee meringue cake

Raparperi bébéet, rhubarb buttercream pastries

This is my attempt to combine rhubarb, a big favourite of mine, with a classic Finnish buttercream pastry called "Bébé", which I also love. The Bébé has been around for at least a century - I found the recipe in an old cook book of mine from  1922 🙂 * Bébé-leivos on valintani kahvilan kakkutiskillä.… Continue reading Raparperi bébéet, rhubarb buttercream pastries

Aleksanterinleivokset, Alexander cake

This traditional Alexander cake's history goes back to the beginning of the 19th century; the name originates from a pastry cooked up for tsar Alexander I, then Imperial Grand Prince of Finland. Since those times it's been an essential part of every Finnish confectioner's assortment! Little wonder since they're easy to make for a bigger crowd… Continue reading Aleksanterinleivokset, Alexander cake