Waldorf doll/nukke

This doll, the second Waldorf style doll I´ve made, was given to my granddaughter on her 1st birthday. Like her little “mum” she has big blue eyes, a slightly pointy chin and a red tint in her hair.

Here are the pattern pieces I made for the doll – based on my first doll, big sister Ella, but slightly slimmer and with a considerably smaller head. I also made her a simpler mouth without the felted lips. The original pattern is from Branka of DearLittleDoll.

I presume the skin fabric is Laib Yala heavy weight jersey since it was over twice as expensive as the other skin fabrics in our local Hobby Point shop. I love its strong, sturdy and slightly rough quality. The only problem was my new fancy sewing machine skipping stitches whatever I tried, but I got around that by digging out my mother´s old solid Husqvarna!

I found some sweet cotton fabric for her overalls and bought some wool to match (both from Menita). Here she is waiting for her boots to be felted. The little square on her knee is the sample on which I tried out how the wool felts.

Her woolly cardigan/coat is my own design. I knitted from the neck down increasing as I went and continued the front lapels to the back with short rows to make a curve. The collar was added last to warm the neck.

A day before the birthday I received a big parcel of dollmaking materials from MonPilou, including the special “Wild Brushable Mohair” thread. Just in time to make my doll a magnificently wild hairdo!

For her panties I dug up some self made tatted lace. Plenty more where that came from so no doubt you´ll see some lace frocks in the future 😉

Saying goodbye to her best friend Henrietta before being taken to her new home. Little Henrietta with her utterly divine face and curls is made by Susie of More Than Somewhat. Henrietta has been my inspiration since I managed to buy her from Susie last June and she absolutely charms everyone she meets! Waiting for many happy reunions 😍

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