Dressed up for the Finnish Independence Day, Itsenäisyyspäivän juhlapuvut


This year today, the 6th December, Finland celebrates it’s 99th Independence Day. A kick off for the Centenary festivities in other words! We fly our blue and white flag and parades and festivities take place all over the country. The biggest affair is held at the presidential palace where the guests include the diplomatic corps, the leaders or the country and it’s economy along with this year’s sports’ medalists – i.e. the Finnish royalty 😉 . The whole nation watches with a scrutinizing eye how the celebrities have dressed up this year.

The children are taught to honour the day in a special way too. For a couple of decades now the Mayor of Helsinki has invited all the fourth grade pupils of the Helsinki schools to an Indipendence Day reception. The ten year olds get to put on their best – clothes and behaviour, be welcomed with a handshake from the Mayor, experience a music show from some popular artists and enjoy an evening of dancing and food and drinks galore, just as the adults do at the presidential palace. My youngest goddaughter and her sister will be two of the princesses at the mayors reception this year in these party dresses, handmade by Liisa of course 😀

So three cheers to one of the best countries in the world to live in, and that’s not just my opinion!

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