Serviette monograms, lautasliinojen nimikointia


We’ve been using linen serviettes in my household now for several years. There is the bother of washing and ironing them from time to time but they add a nice touch of luxury to everyday life. This is the second set of monogrammed napkins I’ve made, this time for a young lady’s 30th birthday. The golden colour scheme goes with the thick tablecloth that I gave the young couple for Christmas last year. The tablecloth material is a reversible double sided 100% cotton from Johanna Gullichsen’s collection.


The napkin fabric is a 100% linen and embroidered with DMC Mouliné cotton, using two threads. The different textures of the initials make quite a nice touch and I especially like the French knots of the J. These are the first ones of a set of eight, each one still a little different (i.e. not perfect!), but with practice…


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