Carsin revisited

carsin-ylempaa-1Managed to get some better shots of the gingerbread Château Carsin yesterday.


The sunshade is glued together from three pieces of gingerbread, one T and two C shapes, with a thin piece of sugarpaste for the shade. There are two really heavy wooden tables on the terrace and a lemon tree in a big flower pot that hibernates with the barrels in the winter.


This is the south-east facing side. I added the Carsin logo – the violin scroll – onto the roof of the barrel cellar.



Here are the kitchen doors on the other side of the house. Lovely old rose bushes decorate the corners of the house. The yellow one at the corner of the kitchen and a fantastic pink one with huge flowers on the dining room corner. I ran out of time/piping to make them a stem (to be added later?)


This is the barrel cellar at the back of the main building.


Hydrangeas flowering on the shadier side and a couple of barrels waiting to get a wash.


A pretty round window on the cellar facade.


The roof tiles are piped icing. This was the tedious bit and I had to cheat in the end with the cellar roof!


The balcony railing is icing too, piped onto a film to dry first. Here you can also see the pillars and buttresses that support the roof.


Little bits and pieces were added later, see them in this post .

If you want to see more tips on making gingerbread houses go back to see my last year’s house here 🙂



4 thoughts on “Carsin revisited”

  1. ❤️ Upeaa, Liisa!
    Saako kysyä kuinka kauan talon tekemiseen meni? Minä en ole eläissänyt tehnyt yhtään, voisi olla hyvä alkaa vaikka pelkistä pipareista! 😊


    1. Kiitos taas Eppu 😊 Aikaa en kyllä laskenut mutta varmaan siihen yksi täysi työviikko meni! Edelleen puuttuu ruusujen rungot ja puutarhaosasto tuli muutenkin aikalailla hutastua kiireessä. Kaikenkaikkiaan olen kuitenkin ihan tyytyväinen lopputulokseen. Hauskaa vuodenvaihdetta! 💝


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