Gingerbread miniatures, pipari pienoismalleja

I’ve had time to finish the gingerbread house. The rose bushes now have stems, a little  box wood hedge surrounds the terrace and more barrels await handling outside the back door. I also had to try out if I could make a little directors chair to go under my sun shade. It took some wiggling around with tweezers but there it is, stiped canvas and all 🙂 The shade got another remake as well, this is number three. Now it’s glued down so hopefully it won’t get broken again when it falls off the ledge!


As my husband was happy to hear I’m finished with the house and leaving out (for example) the huge lavender bushes around the kitchen corner, and the rose bush which grows under the balcony and gets covered with a veil of tiny pink roses. Maybe some photoshopping?!

Here’s the real Carsin, and more pictures of my gingerbread version in this previous post.


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