Comfort shawl, lohtuhuivi

Huivi henkarilla

I have kept busy although you might not think so considering the frequency of my posts! I have finally started knitting the historic silk stocking I mentioned in a previous post and will be telling you how that’s going shortly. There are many more projects I want to share so I’ll just have to find more time to document them…

Sininen huivi

I bought the wool and silk blend yarn for this shawl a couple of years ago without knowing exactly what will become of it. Then I noticed one day that an interesting pattern I’d been saving was written for the exact same yarn. So for our holiday week last year I packed the yarn and pattern along and spent a relaxing week under a palm tree knitting. Before blocking the shawl I measured it and realized that it wasn’t nearly as big as I wanted – I’d used slightly smaller needles! So I unravelled the whole shawl and started again. This time after blocking it I thought it was still too small, so I added a few more pattern repeats. It was finished just in time to be given to a dear friend as a comfort shawl. I had read about a lady who knits comfort shawls for people who have lost their dear ones and thought it was a wonderful idea. My friend’s husband received a pair of warm, blue woolly socks.

Huivin helma

Tämän sinisen huivin langat (Teetee Elegant 70% villaa, 30% tussahsilkkiä) ostin heräteostoksena pari vuotta sitten. Samaa lankaa oli sattumoisin käytetty tähän ohjeeseen, jonka löysin Unelmien Käsityöt – lehdestä 1/2018. Huivi tuli neulottua pariinkin otteeseen kun huomasin sen pääteltyäni että se oli aivan liian pieni! Valmiina se päätyi lahjaksi rakkaalle ystävättärelle. Olin lukenut naisesta joka oli keksinyt ihanan tavan neuloa myös sydäntä lämmittäviä “lohtuhuiveja” läheisensä menettäneille. Ystävättäreni aviomies sai siniset villasukat.

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