Two Twig and Leaf shawls, lahjahuiveja

I really like this shawl pattern that I purchased through Ravelry – the Twig and Leaf by Anne Hanson. Five years ago I made a shawl for my mother-in-law with it and now I used it to make two presents for some dear old friends. Hardly a challenge after my silk stocking project last winter!

For the first shawl I bought some hand dyed wool/silk yarn called Gleem lace by Fyberspates at my local yarn shop. I made the medium sized pattern with 29 repeats of the lace motif using 3.5mm needles for the lace edging and smaller 3mm needles for the garter stitch body part.

The colour is a lovely match for the pine tree bark, a mix of greys and brownish hues.

The twigs and leaves of the lace make a beautiful pattern but are quite hard to remember so I had to keep checking the visual pattern at the beginning of each row.

Here’s the shawl before blocking.

And here it is being blocked on two consecutive mattresses – quite a long scarf! I bought a length of sailboat cable for the outer edge and threaded the upper straight edge through some strong fishing string to stretch the shawl into shape.

For the second shawl I used some beige Haapsalu shawl wool that I’ve bought in Tallinn. It’s a really fine yarn and the finished shawl only weighs 35g so I’ll get another bigger one out of the skein. I used the smallest pattern with 25 pattern repeats and also smaller needles, 3mm and 2,5mm. I forgot to take my 3mm cable to the country so I used some sock needles and secured the other end with a wine cork. Fortunately the 2 meters of knitting doesn’t take a lot of space!

It turned out quite delicate and hopefully fitting for my petite friend.

6 thoughts on “Two Twig and Leaf shawls, lahjahuiveja”

  1. Both shawls are gorgeous!!! It is hard to pick a favorite. I would want both of them. What a talent you have!!! I am not quite sure that I would have the patience….


  2. To create these shawls are so beyond my understanding – can only admire them and your fantastic skill.

    Sue Cedercreutz-Suhonen


    1. Thank you Sue!
      As with most complicated looking needlework it’s actually very simple. If you can knit and purl and knit two together you’re nearly there! Just follow instructions and a visual pattern (which is SO much easier than reading the complicated written English knitting instructions!) so I’m sure anyone could knit one 😊 The most tedious part is the blocking i.e. wetting and laying the garment stretched out to set to it’s measurements.


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