Tatted and crocheted earrings, korvikset käpypitsistä ja virkkaamalla

Inspired by a Japanese artist Miho Fujita who makes fabulous intricate jewellery with a tiny crochet hook I tried crocheting and tatting these earrings with my tatting thread. On the right my tatted version with a four petal flower motif and on the left my try of Miho Fujita’s tiny circle chains.


My tatted earrings are made with individual four petal flowers that rather remind me of hortensias or lilac flowers. The petals are 5-7-7-5 up to 5-9-9-5 at the top. To attach them to the earring I made a double layered flower.

To make the flower unwind about 30 cm of thread and leave it waiting to make the chain. Start the flower with three rings. The fourth ring has to be attached to the first one and to do this I first turned the motif upside down so that the threads are behind the flower (the second picture). Then turn the top edge of the ring towards you so that the picot is the other way around. Connect to the picot as usual and do the rest of the double stitches before tightening the ring. Work a chain of 10-20 double stitches before attaching it to the stem. To attach the flowers together I incorporated the previous threads inside the stem like this:

With more flowers the stem gets fuller on its way up.

Here are the finished earrings.Kukkaiset

This is how I made the crocheted little circle chains.

To move down I made chains and to come back I crocheted over them. Work one side on the way down and the other one on your way up. Start with a chain and make a circle at the end of it with about 14 doubles into the third stitch from the hook. Close the circle with a slip stitch catching the chain with the same stitch. Crochet 4-5 stitches back over the chain and continue with 15 chain stitches making another circle at the end and coming back the same way over the chain. Continue like this until your chain is long enough. Coming back up make the chain for the circle about 10 stitches long and start it half way between the circles on the previous side.

Kolme haaraa

There are three different length branches to my earrings. They are crocheted together at the top with a little circle that can be attached to an earring fitting. Maybe I’ll make them a few more branches to make them fuller?


The next post is about how I dyed these earrings 🙂

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