Dyeing with coffee and blackcurrants, värjäystä kahvilla ja marjamehulla


This year’s top fashion colour – rose quarz – seems to have been the theme of my posts just lately. I decided to dye my tatted new earrings from the previous post that colour too to go with my pale pink cardigan. After my experiments of dyeing with avocado skins I’ve been reading a lot about natural dyes. Many plants that seem like obvious material for dyeing – blueberries for example that make a dreadful mess when you don’t want them to – are apparently not very colourfast as textile dyes. But I had some old blackcurrant juice that was going to be thrown away anyway so I warmed it up and threw my earrings in it. To make the colour a little more vivid I added a few blueberries too. They came out pretty much the colour I wanted 🙂 and I won’t have to wash them very often…

punainen väri

The crocheted earrings I dyed with coffee. I didn’t want the colour to be very even so I first dropped them into the boiling hot liquid for a while for a lighter colour, dried them in between, and then soaked the tips in the coffee again for a darker colour.

Kahvin väriset

I wore the pink earrings and my daughter the brown ones (with her pink dress) for the graduation parties last weekend. Both were complemented so I guess I’ll be making more of these!


Värjäsin viime postauksessa esittelemäni korvakorut kahvinporoilla ja mustaviinimarjamehulla juhla-asuihin sopiviksi. Tyttäreni oli pukeutunut pinkkiin mekkoon jonka tein viime kesänä ja hän valittelikin taas että olemme kuin kaksi marjaa äidin tekemissä korviksissa ja vaaleanpunaisissa vaatteissamme 😉

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