Frivolité spice up for shoes, käpypitsiä kenkiin

Frivolité kengät

I bought a really comfortable pair of shoes that I immediatly decided to pimp up with a bit of lace for a more festive occasion. It was easy to sew the tatted lace onto the wide elastic band that runs over the shoes. I also added little bows to the back and sewed those on with a couple of stitches along the back seam and the stitched edges.


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Frivolité edgings, käpypitsireunuksia

Kolme reunapitsiä
More lace edgings – tatted this time. All three are made with the same pattern. The largest, black lace with thick cotton yarn and a needle. The middle one sewed onto the little linen towel is shuttle tatted in a soft mercerised crochet cotton (needle size 1,25-1,5 mm) and the smallest a try to elaborate a little on my grandmother´s simple pattern in her old nro 70 thread.
I´ll try to write down the pattern from an old chart I found on Pinterest and which I slightly modified (and hope I get it right!)
R 5-5-5-5 rw, CH 5-5rw, R 5+5-5-5rw, CH 5-5 rw, R 5+5-5-5, CH 6 rw, R 8+3-6-3, R 3+6-3-3-6-3, R 3+6-3-8 rw, CH 6, R 5+5-5-5rw, CH 5+5
Tässä on sama pitsimalli kolmessa eri koossa.

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