Virkattu ampiaispesä, crocheted wasp’s nest

I heard an interesting claim that wasps can be tricked into building their nest elsewhere if there's a fake nest around! This past summer we had more than our fair share of wasps on  terrases and gardens, so I'm prepared to try! If we don't have any wasp's nests next to my crocheted ones next… Continue reading Virkattu ampiaispesä, crocheted wasp’s nest

Dyeing with coffee and blackcurrants, värjäystä kahvilla ja marjamehulla

This year's top fashion colour - rose quarz - seems to have been the theme of my posts just lately. I decided to dye my tatted new earrings from the previous post that colour too to go with my pale pink cardigan. After my experiments of dyeing with avocado skins I've been reading a lot about natural dyes.… Continue reading Dyeing with coffee and blackcurrants, värjäystä kahvilla ja marjamehulla

Shibori flowers, shibori kukkia

My dyeing experiments continue with shibori, which is the name given to a variety of traditional Japanese resist dyeing techniques. This is the same kind of sewing method that I've seen used in Guinea, Africa with indigo dyes (which I'm planning to come back to in a later post..). It took me a while to grasp… Continue reading Shibori flowers, shibori kukkia

Dyeing with avocado, värjäystä avokadon kuorilla

This is really easy and fun! The internet is full of inspiring photos and blog posts about natural dyes and dyeing techniques, see textile artist Ruth Singer's fantastic work for example. In her blog I stumbled across something I had to try straight away: dyeing with avocado! * Pari viikkoa sitten luin tekstiilitaiteilija Ruth Singerin hurmaavaa… Continue reading Dyeing with avocado, värjäystä avokadon kuorilla

Souvenirs from France, tuliaisia Ranskasta

An overwhealming fragrance of lavender fills the room when I open my suitcase after our yearly trip to France. Throughout the year I'm reminded of our summer holidays as the lavender continues to perfume our home in small bouquets around the house and specially made lavender pouches between the linen and in wardrobes. The little… Continue reading Souvenirs from France, tuliaisia Ranskasta

Embroidered serviette rings, lautasliinarenkaat

I saw serviette rings made this way in a restaurant a couple of years ago. They were plain linen with a similar pretty button. Easy to make and personify with a simple embroidered monogram. For guests any embroidered ornament would do the trick. Idean näihin helppoihin lautasliinarenkaisiin sain eräästä ravintolasta. Yksinkertaisiin pellavakaitaleisiin lisäsin pienellä ristipistolla… Continue reading Embroidered serviette rings, lautasliinarenkaat

Renewing an old table, vanhan pöydän muodonmuutos

This well built old table has served well for half a century and deserved a face lift. It's made of massive spruce so it was easy to renew the surface just by sanding and giving it a new finishing coat. * Maalla puoli vuosisataa hyvin palvelleen pöydän kansi oli kulunut aika hurjan näköiseksi. Artekista aikanaan… Continue reading Renewing an old table, vanhan pöydän muodonmuutos