Souvenirs from France, tuliaisia Ranskasta


An overwhealming fragrance of lavender fills the room when I open my suitcase after our yearly trip to France. Throughout the year I’m reminded of our summer holidays as the lavender continues to perfume our home in small bouquets around the house and specially made lavender pouches between the linen and in wardrobes.

The little white sachet was made many years ago with the help of the embroidery function of my sewing machine for the “LAVANDE” text. It gets a refill of new lavender every so often. For the weaved long scent bouquet you take an uneven number of lavender stems (here I used 13), tie them tightly just under the flowers, turn the stems upwards over the flowers and start intertwining the ribbon over and under the stems. Easy!

PhotoEditor-1443106753493  PhotoEditor-1443106906154

PhotoEditor-1443107011688A lavender bouquet is quite in order at the outhouse in the country too.

suolakuppiHerbs, like everything else, grow at quite another pace in France than in my native Finland. My favourite is sage, but also bunches of rosemary and bay leaves travel back home in the suitcase. Some are dried, some put in the freezer. The sweet little salt holder is a find from a local (French) brocante. The brown salt, flavoured with onions and a little pepper is a present from my son who spent last year in St. Nazaire, next to Guérande.

These gorgeous macarons traveled in the hand luggage, the main reason being that I saw them at the airport and could’t resist. What an exquisite little box they came in! And yes, they tasted just as marvelous as they looked 😀


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