Old tatted lace remade, vanhoja käpypitsejä

Here are some of the beautiful old lace borders I "inherited" from my godmother (see previous post), all made with one shuttle. Tässä on osa yhdellä sukkulalla tehdyistä vanhoista käpypitseistä, jotka sain kummitädiltäni lahjaksi (katso edellinen postaus). Rakenteeltaan ne ovat hyvin yksinkertaisia, mutta aivan hurmaavia! Alimmainen on ohuinta pitsiä, josta näkyy kuvassa kaksi kerrosta. Se… Continue reading Old tatted lace remade, vanhoja käpypitsejä

Old tatted treasures, vanhoja käpypitsiaarteita

As a result of my tatting experimentations my godmother remembered having some old things that might interest me. I was thrilled to receive some lovely old memorabilia. Among them was this german book, which belonged to her husband's grandmother.  The book doesn't have a date of any kind but it must be from some hundred years back.… Continue reading Old tatted treasures, vanhoja käpypitsiaarteita

Tatted Valentine’s heart, käpypitsisydän ystävänpäiväksi

A heart shape I found on Le Blog de Frivole. It's a free pattern designed by Susan Fuller. This one is slightly modified to get a more elongated shape. But still not quite symmetrical :/ It will do to decorate a wedding gift or something. Happy Valentine's! A pretty little border from Pinterest (doesn't say… Continue reading Tatted Valentine’s heart, käpypitsisydän ystävänpäiväksi

Tatted mobile pouch, kännykkäpussi käpypitsistä

This is the third lace pouch I've made for my mother's old mobile. The two previous ones were crocheted and wore out pretty quickly. I'm hoping this tatted version will resist the wear and tear a little longer. The pattern is made of two square motifs and a border of rings through which an elastic… Continue reading Tatted mobile pouch, kännykkäpussi käpypitsistä

Tatted square, frivolitee-ruutu

This has fast become one of my favourite tatting motifs. It's a pattern by Mary Konior, apparently a household name in the tatting world. I find it very pretty, with its round of four-leaves in the middle and the two corner rings forming a circle when the squares are joined together. I'm using a mercerized… Continue reading Tatted square, frivolitee-ruutu

In the pink, vaaleanpunaista

A dear friend gave me her summery silk dress to renew. The decoltée had sort of enlargened and she asked if I could do something to remedy this. I opened the middle seam and adjusted the front and back a little and then added a tiny bit of lace in the front to keep the… Continue reading In the pink, vaaleanpunaista

Frivolité spice up for shoes, käpypitsiä kenkiin

I bought a really comfortable pair of shoes that I immediatly decided to pimp up with a bit of lace for a more festive occasion. It was easy to sew the tatted lace onto the wide elastic band that runs over the shoes. I also added little bows to the back and sewed those on… Continue reading Frivolité spice up for shoes, käpypitsiä kenkiin

Frivolité edgings, käpypitsireunuksia

* More lace edgings - tatted this time. All three are made with the same pattern. The largest, black lace with thick cotton yarn and a needle. The middle one sewed onto the little linen towel is shuttle tatted in a soft mercerised crochet cotton (needle size 1,25-1,5 mm) and the smallest a try to… Continue reading Frivolité edgings, käpypitsireunuksia

Tatted lace earrings and bracelet, käpypitsikorvakorut ja -rannerengas

I made this set of lace jewellery for my daughter last autumn to match the evening dress I sewed for her university ball. She´s just had another occasion to wear them at the end of March. The earrings and bracelet are needle tatted, with small seed beads and exactly the same colour gemstone pearls as… Continue reading Tatted lace earrings and bracelet, käpypitsikorvakorut ja -rannerengas