Old handkerchief lace, vanhaa nenäliinapitsiä

I love old linen! These are some of the beautiful pieces that I've inherited. Each handkerchief has been decorated with a different type of lace, all with really thin thread and worked with very skillful hands. The round little doily adorned a jam jar that I was given many years ago and has a slightly… Continue reading Old handkerchief lace, vanhaa nenäliinapitsiä

Tatted doily, käpypitsiliina

After about six months of on and off tatting I just finished my first tatted doily 🙂  I found the pattern on Pinterest, can't find the origin though since it's only a picture. The second row looks like Mary Koniors "Spinning Wheel" so maybe it is one of her patterns? I'll have to get her… Continue reading Tatted doily, käpypitsiliina

Dyeing with coffee and blackcurrants, värjäystä kahvilla ja marjamehulla

This year's top fashion colour - rose quarz - seems to have been the theme of my posts just lately. I decided to dye my tatted new earrings from the previous post that colour too to go with my pale pink cardigan. After my experiments of dyeing with avocado skins I've been reading a lot about natural dyes.… Continue reading Dyeing with coffee and blackcurrants, värjäystä kahvilla ja marjamehulla

Tatted and crocheted earrings, korvikset käpypitsistä ja virkkaamalla

Inspired by a Japanese artist Miho Fujita who makes fabulous intricate jewellery with a tiny crochet hook I tried crocheting and tatting these earrings with my tatting thread. On the right my tatted version with a four petal flower motif and on the left my try of Miho Fujita's tiny circle chains. My tatted earrings… Continue reading Tatted and crocheted earrings, korvikset käpypitsistä ja virkkaamalla

Satin evening dress, satiini-iltapuku

The colour scheme of the previous post continues with this forest green satin that we found for a young lady's evening dress. The black lace is sewn onto the bodice slightly asymmetrically and continues to cover the décolletée. * Nuoren neidin iltapukuun löytyi Eurokankaasta paksua ja kauniin metsänvihreää puuvilla-viskoosisatiinia. Miehustaan ommeltiin kiinni mustaa pitsiä joka… Continue reading Satin evening dress, satiini-iltapuku

Lace tablecloth, pitsipöytäliina

The elaborate lace in this old book has once adorned the sheet of some noblewoman. The pattern I found for the crocheted tablecloth is nearly the same with the crocheted bands forming an intriguing trellis between the rounds. This is one work I dug out of the unfinished objects' basket and finally sewed together. *… Continue reading Lace tablecloth, pitsipöytäliina

Tatted edging tutorial, käpyilty reunapitsiohje

Working through the steps for this tatted lace edging from my previous post 🙂 This is the pattern: Ring 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3, chain 5-5-5-5-5-5-5, turn work, join to the 4th picot of the ring, chain 5-5. Repeat, joining the first picot of the longer chain to the last picot of the previous long chain. Finish with a… Continue reading Tatted edging tutorial, käpyilty reunapitsiohje

Old tatted lace remade, vanhoja käpypitsejä

Here are some of the beautiful old lace borders I "inherited" from my godmother (see previous post), all made with one shuttle. Tässä on osa yhdellä sukkulalla tehdyistä vanhoista käpypitseistä mitkä sain kummitädiltäni lahjaksi (katso edellinen postaus). Rakenteeltaan ne ovat hyvin yksinkertaisia, mutta aivan hurmaavia! Alimmainen on ohuinta pitsiä, josta näkyy kuvassa kaksi kerrosta. Se… Continue reading Old tatted lace remade, vanhoja käpypitsejä

Old tatted treasures, vanhoja käpypitsiaarteita

As a result of my tatting experimentations my godmother remembered having some old things that might interest me. I was thrilled to receive some lovely old memorabilia. Among them was this german book, which belonged to her husband's grandmother.  The book doesn't have a date of any kind but it must be from some hundred years back.… Continue reading Old tatted treasures, vanhoja käpypitsiaarteita

Tatted Valentine’s heart, käpypitsisydän ystävänpäiväksi

A heart shape I found on Le Blog de Frivole. It's a free pattern designed by Susan Fuller. This one is slightly modified to get a more elongated shape. But still not quite symmetrical :/ It will do to decorate a wedding gift or something. Happy Valentine's! A pretty little border from Pinterest (doesn't say… Continue reading Tatted Valentine’s heart, käpypitsisydän ystävänpäiväksi