Souvenirs from France, tuliaisia Ranskasta

An overwhealming fragrance of lavender fills the room when I open my suitcase after our yearly trip to France. Throughout the year I'm reminded of our summer holidays as the lavender continues to perfume our home in small bouquets around the house and specially made lavender pouches between the linen and in wardrobes. The little… Continue reading Souvenirs from France, tuliaisia Ranskasta

Crocheted linen, isompia ja pienempiä virkattuja liinavaatteita

This bedspread was a big but fun project to do. It's a traditional pattern, the original of which was crocheted over a hundred years ago in western Finland. Mine is made with quite a thick cotton thread, has 72 squares and a matching border running at the foot end and sides. Tämä on suuritöisimpiä tekemiäni… Continue reading Crocheted linen, isompia ja pienempiä virkattuja liinavaatteita

Embroidered serviette rings, lautasliinarenkaat

I saw serviette rings made this way in a restaurant a couple of years ago. They were plain linen with a similar pretty button. Easy to make and personify with a simple embroidered monogram. For guests any embroidered ornament would do the trick. Idean näihin helppoihin lautasliinarenkaisiin sain eräästä ravintolasta. Yksinkertaisiin pellavakaitaleisiin lisäsin pienellä ristipistolla… Continue reading Embroidered serviette rings, lautasliinarenkaat

Renewing an old table, vanhan pöydän muodonmuutos

This well built old table has served well for half a century and deserved a face lift. It's made of massive spruce so it was easy to renew the surface just by sanding and giving it a new finishing coat. * Maalla puoli vuosisataa hyvin palvelleen pöydän kansi oli kulunut aika hurjan näköiseksi. Artekista aikanaan… Continue reading Renewing an old table, vanhan pöydän muodonmuutos

Flower arrangements, kukkia juhlapöytään

A graduation party in the family and the garden got dressed up for afternoon coffee 🙂  We bought one bouquet of pink roses and a couple of Aster flowers. Then added some white peegee hydrangeas, hydrangea paniculata `grandiflora` (a beautiful, hardy plant very popular here in my native Finland) with blueberry shrubs and heather from my… Continue reading Flower arrangements, kukkia juhlapöytään

New curtains, verhojen ompelua

I had to replace the curtains in the changing room of our country sauna after ruining the old ones in the wash. I was going to sew some of my lace edgings onto the old ones, but had to buy some new linen instead. * Saunan pukuhuoneen verhot oli pakko uusia sen jälkeen kun olin… Continue reading New curtains, verhojen ompelua

Woollen throws, neulottuja peitteitä

A good knitting project to have lying around is a big blanket, it won´t get finished too quickly! While planning other things to do I can keep busy with knitting something easy. This blue throw will some day adorn our flowery sofa. * Joku käsityö pitää aina olla helposti jatkettavissa silloin kun suunnittelee seuraavia. Neulottu… Continue reading Woollen throws, neulottuja peitteitä

Felted sofa cushions

Felting is a fantastic way of turning the quality your knits a notch higher. Here for example you get a more durable material that doesn´t tear like normal knits do. Depending on the thickness of your yarn, the needle size and the amount you felt the material, you can get softer or stiffer results. I… Continue reading Felted sofa cushions