Embroidered serviette rings, lautasliinarenkaat

ServiettirenkaatI saw serviette rings made this way in a restaurant a couple of years ago. They were plain linen with a similar pretty button. Easy to make and personify with a simple embroidered monogram. For guests any embroidered ornament would do the trick.

Idean näihin helppoihin lautasliinarenkaisiin sain eräästä ravintolasta. Yksinkertaisiin pellavakaitaleisiin lisäsin pienellä ristipistolla tehdyt perheenjäsenten nimikirjaimet ja näin lautasliinat pysyvät järjestyksessä.



6 thoughts on “Embroidered serviette rings, lautasliinarenkaat”

    1. Thanks all for your nice comments! Yes they are hand embroidered. I cut out the pieces first and then sewed them together after emroidering. There is a stiff interfacing in the middle. I’ll be making more of these for Xmas presents 🙂

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