Felted handbags, huovutettuja pikkulaukkuja


These felted handbags are quick to make and easy to “wear”, simple but very versatile.


The black one is years old and decorated with a “built-in” reflector (you can see more similar reflectors here). It also has a zipper at the top. The ones with a flap have a big snap fastener sewn on.

Here are two bags before felting. To make one start knitting with a couple of rows of garter stitch, then switch  to plain stitch increasing the width slightly towards the bottom of the bag. Continue back up, decreasing this time to make a symmetrical back piece. At the top knit twice as many rows of garter stitch as in the beginning and cast off. Turn half of these garter stitch rows to the inside and hem together. This will make the top a little sturdier when felted and the bag won’t sag in the middle so easily. If you want you can add a wooden pin or something inside to make sure. Continue by crocheting a flap, anything that resembles half of a doily. Sew the sides together. Knit a handle about 5-6 stitches wide and attach the ends to the top of the bag. Sew a little plastic bag inside to prevent the back and front from felting together. Above are two bags before they were felted in the washing machine. A free pattern for a very similar bag can be found here.


If you leave the flap out you can decorate the bag in any way you fancy. The materials aren’t expensive so make one in every colour! Or turn one into an evening clutch by knitting it into an envelope shape and decorating with beads or lace.

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