Felted handbags, huovutettuja pikkulaukkuja

These felted handbags are quick to make and easy to "wear", simple but very versatile. The black one is years old and decorated with a "built-in" reflector (you can see more similar reflectors here). It also has a zipper at the top. The ones with a flap have a big snap fastener sewn on. Here… Continue reading Felted handbags, huovutettuja pikkulaukkuja

Knitted hat 17th century style, pipo 1600-luvun tyyliin

My son had a very precise wish for a new hat to go with all his other historical clothes: a copy of an old felted one from the collection of the National Museum of Copenhagen. The hat is depicted in a blog post by historian Paula Hohti, the same post that I stumbled across when… Continue reading Knitted hat 17th century style, pipo 1600-luvun tyyliin

17th century style knitted socks, sukat 1600-luvun tyyliin

Here's a pair of socks I knitted for my son to go with his 17th century historical costume. Searching the internet for references I stumbled on many fascinating sites about the history of knitting. One of them was a blog called Global Encounters, by Paula Hohti, a finnish historian, textile researcher and professor of Art and Culture… Continue reading 17th century style knitted socks, sukat 1600-luvun tyyliin

Felted mobile pouch, huovutettu kännykkäkotelo

Over easter I made this mobile pouch. My daughter needed one quick (mobiles without a cover are very prone to injury as you probably well know) so she chose some wool from my left over yarn stash and out with the big needles.  Felting is one of my favourite techniques and the soft shell around… Continue reading Felted mobile pouch, huovutettu kännykkäkotelo

Woollen Twig and Leaf shawl, pitsihuivi

My mother-in-law is born on Christmas day. This time we celebrated round numbers and were told not to bring gifts if they were not hand made. I scouted for a pretty shawl pattern and found this on Ravelry. It´s the Twig and Leaf design by Anne Hanson. A thank you gift to a very inspirational… Continue reading Woollen Twig and Leaf shawl, pitsihuivi

Dog´s jumper, koiran villis

This is Foxy, an adorable Basenji who lives with my son and his girlfriend. She is wearing the jumper I made her to match the one I knitted for my son a few years ago. It's a modified version of a Drops pattern. * Foxy sai villapaidan joka sopii isännän samasta langasta neulottuun harmaaseen villikseen. Molemmissa… Continue reading Dog´s jumper, koiran villis

Sauna gear, saunavarusteet

The sleeves of my bathrobe ended up too short so I lengthened them by sewing on some lace. Being one of my favourite colours I had some linen yarn of the same green in my stash that I could use to crochet the lace edgings. I undid the cuff, turned a narrow hem onto the right… Continue reading Sauna gear, saunavarusteet

Woollen throws, neulottuja peitteitä

A good knitting project to have lying around is a big blanket, it won´t get finished too quickly! While planning other things to do I can keep busy with knitting something easy. This blue throw will some day adorn our flowery sofa. * Joku käsityö pitää aina olla helposti jatkettavissa silloin kun suunnittelee seuraavia. Neulottu… Continue reading Woollen throws, neulottuja peitteitä