Runebergintorttu, Runeberg cake

Runebergin torttu

Runebergin torttu

Runeberg is the national poet of Finland whose birthday, the 5th February has been celebrated nationwide since the 1850´s. We fly the flags in his honour and for finnish bakers it´s a really prosperous day too: they sell thousands and thousands of these Runeberg´s cakes at this time of the year! This scrumptious treat flavoured with almonds was reputedly concocted by the poet´s wife (apparently with what she happened to find in her larder), and you´ll find the recipe at the end of this post.


Pitkän tauon jälkeen uskaltauduin kokeilemaan runebergintorttujen tekoa. Kehutun reseptin löysin Myllyn Parhaiden sivuilta. Tortuista tulikin meheviä ja mikä parasta, aivan ihanan makuisia! Ohjeessa on 2 dl korppujauhoja ja 2 dl piparin muruja tai mantelilastuja. 4 dl tuli täyteen kun kaivoin kaapistani 2 Bastogne keksiä, 2 Digestive keksiä, noin 50 g ruohittua kuorellista mantelia, noin 100 g mantelimassaa karkeaksi rouhittuna ja mantelijauhetta. Manteliuutteen korvasin siis mantelimassalla.

Kuusi metallista torttuvuokaani pääsivät pitkästä aika käyttöön ja suorareunaisissa kahvikupeissa paistui myös aidon näköisiä runebergejä. Metallivuoat otin n 15 minuutin jälkeen uunista ja ne olivat sisältä vielä aavistuksen raakoja. Kahvikuppileivokset paistuivat pitempään, mutteivät siitä huolimatta kuivuneet liikaa. Ensi kerralla muistan myös korppujauhottaa vuoat niin saan kaikki leivokset kokonaisina vuoista ulos. Ilman kostutustakin nämä ovat vallan herkullisia ja koekaniinitkin kehuivat niitä parhaimmiksi ikinä!


Recipe translated from Myllyn Paras home site,  for 10-15 cakes:

200 g butter/margarine

2 dl sugar/brown sugar

2 eggs

2 dl wheat flour, preferably not too finely ground

2 dl breadcrumbs

2 dl cookie crumbs or ground almonds (almond flakes in the recipe)

2 ts ground cardamom

1/2 ts almond extract or 2 tbs almond liqueur

2 dl sour cream, crème fraiche or cream

1 ts baking soda

To moisten the cakes:

1 dl water

1 tbs sugar

1 ts almond extract or 2 tbs almond or arrack liqueur

To decorate:

raspberry jam

sugar icing

Whisk the soft butter with the sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time. Mix in the flour and the rest of the dry ingredients. Instead of the almond extract I used coarsly ground marzipan or almond paste which I found in my fridge. So to make up the 4 dl of crumbs etc. I used a couple of Bastogne cookies, 2 digestive bisquits, coarsly ground almonds, about 100 g grated marzipan and some almond powder. The traditional thing to do is to use up some uneaten gingerbread cookies, and that´s probably what mrs. Runeberg found in her larder too. You also want to have something to bite on, and the coarse almonds are perfect for that. Last add the cream mixed with the soda powder. Grease the molds well and coat with breadcrumbs.

Fill up your molds just over half way as the dough will rise in the oven. The recipe calls for a dob of raspberry jam to be added in the middle of the cake at this stage, but I have never seen cakes that would have any jam baked in. Bake the cakes for 15-20 minutes in 200°C, until they are golden brown.

Moisten them by basting with the flavoured water, I left this part out and they were still quite succulent. Decorate with a teaspoonful of jam and a white sugar icing.

If you click to see the original recipe , you´ll see that the cakes are served from the coffee cups they were made in. I have bought six molds especially for Runeberg´s cakes, but you can just as well make these into normal cupcake or muffin molds, or even into one big caketin to be cut at the table.

 Tortut rivissä

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