Apple pie, omenapiirakka

Red cheeked apples galore in our apple trees this year. Apple pie anyone?? Scroll further down for our family's recipe... * Omenapuiden oksat natisevat tämän syksyn omenasadon alla. Tässä meidän perheen suussasulavan omenapiirakan ohje. Ainekset: 150 g voita 3-3,5 dl jauhoja (osa esim sämpyläjauhoja) 1 rkl sokeria 5-6 omenaa 2 dl omenamehua 2 munaa 1… Continue reading Apple pie, omenapiirakka

Filled bisquits, herrasväenleipiä

These are tasty little filled biscuits that I usually bake for any bigger occasion. The recipe is easy and the biscuits are quick to make. The dough is molded into a stick and cut into round slices so there's no rolling pin needed. The Finnish equivalent of the French macarons?! * Näitä herrasväen leipiä teen… Continue reading Filled bisquits, herrasväenleipiä

Rhubarb and meringue “Brita cake”, raparperibritakakku

Summer really begins with a rhubarb cake! I've made this version several times for my mother's birthday which is at this time of the year and everyone seems to love it 🙂 * Tämä suussasulavan raparperipiirakan ohje on viiden vuoden takaisesta Kotivinkki-lehdestä. Lehti on aina raparperiaikaan kateissa joten kirjoitan sen nyt tänne muistiin. Britakakun voi… Continue reading Rhubarb and meringue “Brita cake”, raparperibritakakku

Blueberry macarons, Mustikka macaronit

My freezer is still full of last summer's blueberries so I'm making blueberry flavoured macarons for this post. They turned out very pretty and are quite tasty too! More in English from half way down the post... * Kevään kunniaksi tein vaaleanvioletteja mustikkamacaroneja osana pakastimen tyhjennysprojektiani. Niistä tuli aika somia! Tästä annoksesta tulee kolme pellillistä… Continue reading Blueberry macarons, Mustikka macaronit

Runebergintorttu, Runeberg cake

Runeberg is the national poet of Finland whose birthday, the 5th February has been celebrated nationwide since the 1850´s. We fly the flags in his honour and for finnish bakers it´s a really prosperous day too: they sell thousands and thousands of these Runeberg´s cakes at this time of the year! This scrumptious treat flavoured with almonds… Continue reading Runebergintorttu, Runeberg cake

Real wedding cake, oikea hääkakku!

This real eatable cake I made for my darling sister-in-law's wedding last weekend.  A much tougher task than making the fake one pictured in my previous post! The kids' favourites were of course the cakepops. * Sain kunnian tehdä oikean hääkakun viime viikonlopun tunnelmallisiin häihin. Kakku on mitoitettu vajaalle neljällekymmenelle hengelle, isompi pohja on tehty 27 cm… Continue reading Real wedding cake, oikea hääkakku!

Gingerbread house, piparkakkutalo

This year´s gingerbread house is a miniature of a run down house in our neighbourhood. It has been empty for nearly ten years and is quite a sorry sight. The theme for the yearly gingerbread competition of our biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, was "a part of Helsinki" - my home town, so I decided to… Continue reading Gingerbread house, piparkakkutalo

Piparkakkutaikina, gingerbread recipe

Still working on it but this is one window of this year´s gingerbread house (to be revealed later when it´s ready). The recipe below is for delectable little gingerbread cookies that will melt in your mouth! Don´t try making a gingerbread house out of it, you´ll need a sturdier dough for that! * Näin joulua… Continue reading Piparkakkutaikina, gingerbread recipe

Blueberry cheesecake, mustikkajuustokakku

I tried this cheesecake with blueberries this time since my freezer is full of them :). I´ve used the same recipe many times for a blackcurrant cheesecake which works beautifully (and looks exactly the same). With the blackcurrant version I like to serve some whipped cream, this milder blueberry one prefers a little more taste… Continue reading Blueberry cheesecake, mustikkajuustokakku