Crocheted screens, virkattuja valoverhoja


I took these photos a couple of years ago of screens I made for the house in France that we probably won’t be visiting this summer. Lace curtains are a lot more common in Mediterranean countries than back home so I had the idea to crochet some screens where they were needed in the house. One is for the lower squares of the bathroom window that looks onto the local road and the other is for the door of the linen room, which is used as a single bedroom when the house is full of guests.


The pattern is a very generic one with 10 rows plus the last row of single crochet where the squares are crocheted together. I added a row of little double crochet squares at the edges to thread the curtains onto the supporting rails.


So many happy memories of this place 🌸😍🌞


5 thoughts on “Crocheted screens, virkattuja valoverhoja”

  1. I really like these on the interior door – they’re incredibly effective. Really beautiful work and impressive job keeping all the shape and structure on such an open pattern.


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